Example sentences of "'ve be to [pron] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ I 've been to something like two dozen breweries in Belgium .
2 She actually I have to be I 've been to her house and she lives in the middle of nowhere I wo n't tell you where , she lives in the middle of nowhere in fact I drove past it three times before we found it .
3 ‘ How cruel you 've been to me , Catherine ! ’ he cried wildly .
4 You 've been to me once !
5 ‘ I 've been coming to games at the Manor since I was 10 … not every week like but since three seasons ago I have n't missed a match — I 've been to them all .
6 er I think we get a saturation point and the thing that annoys me is that young fellow who came to the club had a got , we got a special went to the special trouble of getting a for him and I can not get it off him and he lives up Newton way somewhere I 've been to him three times
7 But i we 've been to I do n't give a damn what you 've And er of cour naturally enough you see .
8 I 've been to it .
9 Yes I 've been to it .
10 Oh , Anne , how terrible I 've been to you !
11 They 've been to his little boy 's primary school , interviewed the teachers and headmistress and all the school friends and everything just trying to get a dirty story .
12 I said we 've been to his house , Mick and me long time ago when he lived way and erm I said to Mick well have I got ta send this ?
13 Yeah I 've been to me mam 's , I 've just had a cup of coffee and some fairy bun summat or other and ate these fairy buns .
14 ‘ I go to flamenco classes , collect pictures of elaborate dance costumes and I 've been to lots of shows . ’
15 I 've been to lots of places , but I 've never really been to visit countries and experience countries and , except for France , perhaps .
16 It 's the closest I 've been to my ideal live setup , really .
17 so we started to look for something and I wanted a bungalow , I did n't want to house again , just the two bedrooms I thought would be nice , so what we did we found this bu er this bungalow in er out of Crewe in Haslington and er we put up our house for sale , it cost seventeen thousand , five hundred and this bungalow we bought seventeen thousand , six hundred and fifty , so all I had to add was one hundred and sixty pounds , to sell the house , but the house needed change all the windows to put all the windows and the doors because they were all rotting in , you know , because the houses built er before the second world war and er what we did we put up the and in three months ' time , it in three months ' time my house went and we were moved , in September we started to sell , in January we 'd been living in the , in the new bungalow and then about three years later they built a row of bungalows on the other side where there should , should of been , they kept the land , it should of been shops , but then they changed their minds , they did , they did n't build the shops , but they built all these bungalows again on the other side , you 've been to my home , yeah , so the road that , over the road these bungalows were about three years later than ours and they were going down for thirty two thousand pound , and I bought mine for seventeen thousand seven sixty at six fifty , yeah
18 We 're passing through on the way to Manchester and we 've been to your surgery they said you were out this way … described your car .
19 I 've been to your lovely new really smashing !
20 you know we 've been to your house a couple of times and
21 I 've been to our Arthur 's today .
22 Incidentally I do n't know if you 've been to Anyone been to Reservoir ?
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