Example sentences of "'ve be [v-ing] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 In other words , we 've been funding from within our own budget new developments that 'll come on stream next year and it 's a very complicated budget and it contains some quite erm controversial erm subjects , which no doubt we 'll go through in a minute , but overall erm , given the total financial situation , I 'm a relieved man today .
2 ‘ I have a Korg M1R and a Korg Wave Station , and that 's what I 've been writing with .
3 Although I 've been writing about the latest machines this month , I shall be including the older models in later articles .
4 Right from the beginning of my career as a journalist I 've been writing about gender issues from the male point of view .
5 We 've been writing to each other for eight years but had never met until this year .
6 My social history is very different from Trevelyan 's , one of the most remarkable books on English social history , because of course I come from a very different background , I 've different experience from Trevelyan , but also I 've been writing at a different time .
7 ‘ I 've been watching over this project since its inception .
8 ‘ I 've been watching from across the road .
9 ‘ We 've been looking into your background and there 's a few things there I do n't think you 'd like to come out . ’
10 ‘ You 've been looking into Harry Martin 's activities ? ’
11 ‘ I 've been looking into something like this for about two years and come up against brick walls constantly , ’ she said .
12 ‘ I 've been looking through the cuttings on the inquest again , and she was identified by an aunt who lived in Herefordshire . ’
13 We 've been looking for McCloy to lead us to his hired assassin .
14 We 've been looking for this car as part of a murder investigation .
15 ‘ We 've been looking for you for ages , ’ he said .
16 ‘ I 've been looking for you everywhere .
17 I 've been looking for you everywhere .
18 ‘ I 've been looking for you everywhere , ’ he said breathlessly .
19 We 've been looking for someone who can cope with the 24-hours-a-day rock ‘ n ’ roll lifestyle .
20 ‘ The editor we 've been looking for will also have to be able to cope with Alice Cooper dropping into our offices , plus other heavy metal groups who 've been into the heavy metal jewellery shop , the Great Frog which is in Carnaby Street beneath our offices .
21 Smith said : ‘ I 've been looking for someone to play wide on the right .
22 Demelza , five , of Oakworth , West Yorks , said : ‘ She 's just what I 've been looking for .
23 And he said , ‘ Do you know , all my life I 've been looking for somebody who could do everything for three pounds a week . ’
24 ‘ I 've been looking for it for years , but I 'm not in charge of promotion and the people senior to me in my department are some of the most brilliant minds in England , and elsewhere for that matter . ’
25 ‘ I 've been looking for you , Tommy . ’
26 " I 've been thinking , it might be just the kind of Political party I 've been looking for .
27 " We 've been looking for you , " said Hazel .
28 No he said , I ca n't give it back to you , you 're the person that I 've been looking for all my life .
29 Arms salesman ; okay the Avenger the Equaliser the Total Fucking Nutter went for the legs too but still , and the editor spiked , and the rapist-lenient judge raped and the pornographer poisoned and stroked and the man who was so callous about the bloodshed in the Iran/Iraq war forced to watch his penned animals die like cattle like soldiers like cattle and then bled to death in his own private fountains of blood and the businessman who put profits before safety and not only helped kill a thousand people but then tried to get out of paying the survivors and dependants any compensation gets his own gas explosion — blevey is the technical term apparently — and fuck me whoever he is ( assuming he is a he ) , he 's got a sense of humour or at least irony why he 's produced what 's almost a snuff video effectively a snuff video if you mean brain-death anyway it 's the closest anyone will admit to ever having seen or found one even the Obscene Pubs Squad who 've been looking for years but although everybody assumes they exist nobody 's ever seen one until old gorilla man comes along and just makes his own , specifically to warn off any other porn merchants thinking of dealing in snuff !
30 He said , ‘ I 've been looking for you , Charlie . ’
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