Example sentences of "'ve [adv] been to " in BNC.

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1 ‘ We 've only been to two movies in two-and-a-half years , ’ he says .
2 They say that hunting 's for er er human pleasure , er , I mean personally I 've only been to one hunt , and I do n't see what all the the , the , the , the trouble 's about because the huntsman is only a spectator , it 's the hounds that are hunting the fox and it is to keep the foxes down .
3 I 've only been to Devon and Cornwall , you ca n't really call
4 I 've only been to a couple of lodge meetings it I was invited to go to I always felt slightly ambiguous about that really you know .
5 Well we 've only been to the dentist here .
6 In fact I 've scarcely been to bed before one o'clock any night since I first realized he was dyslexic .
7 People ring up about the match they 've just been to and complain or say who they think should be the next England manager , etc .
8 I 'VE just been to court for the first time in my life at 74 , because my local council said I owed them £63 for my wife 's poll tax during 1991–92 .
9 Yeah , okay , I 've just been to Asda so kids are on the way to put the bits of shopping in the van , alright , cos I got 'em some cereal and some bread and I 'll bring up the toaster , they can take the toaster with 'em for a while and oh there is , is there ?
10 We 've just been to Nursery .
11 No , we 've just been to B and M Bargains , Lyndsey said , oh God !
12 I 've just been to the physio before I came here .
13 ‘ You 've already been to the Pentagon and the White House . ’
14 I 've already been to Colin , placed my order , given him a deposit — and nothing 's happening .
15 They 've already been to the Jonquil because of Sabine 's death .
16 If you 've ever been to one of their live performances , you will find the band , yourself and the whole of the crowd jumping around like it was a punk reunion .
17 I do n't know whether you 've ever been to Russia , Mr Millet , I have .
18 And the closest I 've ever been to the slopes is flying over Switzerland .
19 To me it 's the unhappiest house I 've ever been to .
20 Leeds 2 Leicester 1 — This is probably the most memorable game I 've ever been to .
21 ‘ As I told you last night , this is the only time I 've ever been to Venice . ’
22 I do n't think I 've ever been to , quite pleasant .
23 We 've been to Lords and we 've also been to Wembley , we 've been to Twickenham and we 've also been to Wimbledon .
24 We 've been to Lords and we 've also been to Wembley , we 've been to Twickenham and we 've also been to Wimbledon .
25 I 've never been to Edinburgh before , myself .
26 I 've never been to Germany since , never seen anymore of it than I saw from the air that day in 1945 , and I ca n't say I 've ever wanted to .
27 ‘ But I 've never been to the Lodge .
28 An unlikely scenario : I 've never been to a desert and the nearest I 've ever got to authentic military action is when Action Man introduced eagle eyes and gripping hands .
29 ‘ I 've never been to anything like this before , ’ Anabelle thought to herself .
30 ' Well , none of it is true — I 've never been to the Royal College of Art — or any college of art for that matter .
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