Example sentences of "even [conj] it [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Academic English was a recent invention , largely of the inter-war years ; and even where it existed it had commonly stopped with the early nineteenth century .
2 It was far easier than might now be supposed to remain ignorant of the deplorable housing in English cities , even where it affected the great majority , as in the London of Little Dorrit , with its 10,000 responsible houses and 50,000 lairs , ‘ where people lived so unwholesomely , that fair water put into their crowded rooms on Saturday night , would be corrupt on Sunday morning ’ .
3 Wheat was favoured , not merely because of its immediate importance as a basic food , but because it demanded least capital and least care , even where it meant wretched cultivations : only one-tenth of the cereal secano was farmed in regular rotations of wheat and legumes ; a quarter was cultivated only once every six or ten years .
4 Moreover , even where it has been demonstrated that long tails are costly but are preferred by choosy females , resolving how such preferences have evolved is difficult , particularly if females gain no direct benefits from their choice of mating partners .
5 Most parents are loath to talk about this situation , even where it exists .
6 There is little right of reply on radio and television and even where it exists it is not particularly likely to be heard by the audience of the original programme .
7 It knows the right and wrong which have been instilled into it and — a contentious assertion — sometimes it seems to know what is right or wrong even although it has no behavioural conditioning for that situation .
8 This is a more generous protest even than it seems at first sight , for Jacob 's possessions include Esau 's birthright , and Isaac 's blessing that had been meant for him .
9 ‘ Worse even than it appeared , ’ Doctor Staples said knowingly .
10 My main point is , though , not simply that the Webbs ' own general prospectus was wrong , nor even that it misdirected their appraisal of Owen .
11 First , because identification with one 's community is morally worthwhile , and acceptance of the authority of the state an appropriate way ( though not the only way ) to express it , one may jump to the conclusion that one has an obligation to accept the authority of the state , or even that it has authority independently of such acceptance .
12 Realism is radical because any purposive attempt to change the world depends on a conviction that it can be described , even that it has been described ; and it is the chosen task of realism to describe .
13 For the visual computations algorithmically defined by Ullman do not depend on high-level processes capable of identifying ( recognizing ) objects as members of a specific class : the system does not need to know that an object is a fish , or even that it has the 3-D shape that it has , in order to know that it is an object .
14 We realise that this prospectus may not answer all your questions , or even that it contains so much information that it leaves you confused .
15 Even if it falls down after that , they 're alright .
16 Answer two : a crime novel may still be crime fiction , as opposed to pure fiction , even if it abandons altogether that prime staple of blueprint detective fiction , the murder puzzle .
17 The Christian view of life , death and afterlife as a continuum not only supplied a happy ending to the human story , but could also ‘ justify God 's ways to man ’ , in so far as the good man would be rewarded for a well-spent life , even if it seemed to have been dogged by misfortune .
18 The suggestion of fatherly closeness was essential , even if it seemed awkward and difficult to illustrate .
19 Susannah Creese 's Asparagus Triptych , which won the young artists ' award , was the best thing in the show , even if it seemed hardly to be a watercolour .
20 My stomach turned over as I watched the ball heading for the out-of-bounds , but to my relief it looked as though it had stayed in , even if it seemed in an awful spot .
21 ‘ Not even if it turns out to be an intruder ? ’ asked Pascoe .
22 Hence , Freeman is refuted since presumably other explanations are conceivable , even if it turns out they are n't very interesting .
23 So even if it managed to escape from the scientists ' clutches in Britain , it could not turn into another exotic pest , like the mink in Britain or the rabbit in Australia .
24 The algal mat deposit is strongly diachronous to us ephemeral human beings , but even if it extended for hundreds of miles inland it would still be virtually synchronous geologically .
25 London Transport said it would not have dismissed strike leaders even if it knew their identity , for fear of bringing the Underground system to a halt .
26 because there must be some give and take in the deal and the Purchaser would probably proceed on the same terms even if it knew of a few minor breaches — the Purchaser should not be able to bring a claim after completion for those kinds of problems ;
27 Unlike billiards , however , rather than a clean ‘ hit or miss ’ , the repulsion of the two positively charged nuclei causes a curvature in the ion 's path even if it passes to the side of the atom .
28 Even if it failed , the attempted takeover was remarkably well planned and executed .
29 In my ignorance of electricity I would have believed her , even if it sounded unusual .
30 Yeah but even if it says virgin it can still
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