Example sentences of "going to be [adv] " in BNC.

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1 I am not going to be vulgarly inquisitive .
2 Although the Education Act 1979 removed the duty of LEAs to reorganise secondary schools along comprehensive lines ( a duty imposed by Labour 's Education Act 1976 ) , the policy was not going to be easily reversible .
3 The idea had taken firm root in his brain and Carew knew that he was not going to be easily discouraged .
4 So I am pleading that the panel really take a great deal of effort in this leaflet so that it is going to be easily understood by even the people who are less well educated than some of us .
5 There are four if you 're greedy and lustful , hypocritical stupid whatever , you 're going to be easily conned .
6 Once on the platform , if you are lucky enough to get there , you will be met , eventually , with logic-free announcements to explain why you are going to be ridiculously late for work or that important appointment .
7 If you 're going to be ridiculously pedantic about principles , as you call them , practically every private villa in existence is owned by somebody with loads of money — is that a good reason never to rent a villa ? ’
8 But that 's going to be outdoors .
9 Is he going to be similarly lenient again with the two players here .
10 Hooker Phil Kearns , at only 24 , is undoubtedly going to be around for many years to come and successfully led the Australian under-21 team to victory over New Zealand under 21 's four years ago .
11 With the commitment the application and operating system developers are showing , DOS is going to be around for some time yet .
12 They hate the way all their songs end with a huge clang of guitars , the way they holler things like ‘ Viva Boys Wonder ! ’ s if they 're going to be around forever .
13 You might as well say yes to this , if you 're always going to be around when the machine reboots .
14 It was impossible for Stan to hide the fact that he was pleased she was n't going to be around , and Kate accepted that here indeed was yet another male chauvinist jealous and unhappy at having his territory invaded by a woman .
15 They hate the way all their songs end with a huge clang of guitars , the way they holler things like ‘ Viva Boys Wonder ! ’ s if they 're going to be around forever .
16 going to go into service in the next century , it 's going to be around till well into the next century .
17 ‘ You may as well accept that he 's going to be around for a while — until he finally accepts that the club 's not for sale .
18 Francisco said , ‘ I 'm really pleased you 're going to be around , Shelley .
19 Is she the only one who 's going to be around at Christmas ?
20 It 's going to be around again they 've only got so many people .
21 I 'm not going to be around on Monday .
22 you know , perfectly well the answer 's going to be be yes more times than it 's going to be no I 'm not going to be around .
23 ‘ It 's not going to be easy getting clearance , ’ Manville pointed out .
24 Nonetheless , military pilots are still required to qualify for an Airline Transport Pilots Licence soon after joining the Branch if they do not already possess one , since much of their investigating career is going to be closely concerned with civil regulations and civil operating techniques as well as with the technicalities of flying .
25 His fate , and the fate of his department , is going to be closely bound to the new Unit .
26 It seems inevitable that the social profile of lawyers is going to be markedly different from that of society at large because the social profile of persons attaining the level of educational achievement required for admission to higher education does not itself correspond with that of the whole community .
27 Well if that were so my Lord then there would never be any any solicitor 's negligence claims , in which any expert was ever called to give evidence because it 's always going to be eventually a matter of law as to what the defendant 's duty is but what the er what the plaintiff had not said at any stage is that a matter of law is ever going to be admissible and in fact the is Justice our in the course of er er a case in which he , despite expressing reservations about the admissibility of the evidence , plainly admitted it because he was within the course of his judgement .
28 er what the outcome of this is going to be today .
29 The framework is there we , I think , know what the decision is going to be today .
30 ‘ It 's going to be straight revolutionary stuff . ’
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