Example sentences of "must be [prep] [be] " in BNC.

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1 Oh how wonderful it must be to be an indie musician !
2 If Labour is to have a role in Scotland , then it surely must be to be in the forefront of that fight with the Scottish people .
3 How wonderful it must be to be a great artist like Mr Beaumont or a musician like Mr Fergus or even a teacher like half the church .
4 I used to wonder just what the kestrel was looking at , what it was thinking , and I 'd imagine how wonderful it must be to be suspended in mid-air , looking down on the Earth as it was .
5 If the mind is so conceived that its relation to the world can only be a causal one , then to perceive something must be to be causally affected by it .
6 The aim of the business leader must be to be the best , for only the best command their own destiny and achieve the sort of rewards that are sought for themselves and their people .
7 ‘ Sure God save us , ’ they would say , ‘ is n't it soft in the head the poor man must be to be carrying round an old gun for to fight the Rooskies ? ’
8 ‘ I was thinking how very unpleasant it must be to be shot . ’
9 But just for a moment she had felt the weight of emptiness , she had felt how it must be to be shut away down here , bereft of even human companionship , away from the light , losing count of the days .
10 ‘ Being president of Newcastle United , ’ he observed to top table neighbour Stan Seymour , ‘ must be like being a Christian Scientist with appendicitis . ’
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