Example sentences of "than it is for " in BNC.

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1 However that may be , there are reasons for thinking that the abandonment of England , and of any hopes for her , was not much less momentous for Pound than it is for his English readers .
2 A few are ‘ trying out ’ policing by joining the reserves first , although the common view amongst the reserve police is that it is harder for them to transfer to the regulars than it is for someone without experience to sign up straight away because of the greater number of reasons the police authorities are thereby given for turning them down .
3 It may be hard to accept , but the argument goes that it is easier for a creative and original performer to learn how to play his instrument than it is for a consummate player to learn creativity .
4 Their pre-school life is often more sheltered than it is for white children .
5 Freedom of choice is no longer on the agenda , especially now that American Jews have discovered that it is easier to raise money for absorbing Soviet Jews in Israel than it is for resettling them in the US .
6 Horses learn new things easily when they are young ; it is actually easier for them to learn new things than it is for older horses .
7 It turns out that for these kinds of DNA the rate of change in evolution is much higher than it is for the more constrained , ‘ coding ’ , regions .
8 It is extraordinary that it is easier for the EC to export to Hungary , Czechoslovakia and Poland than it is for those countries to export to the EC .
9 It is neither more nor less important that a mentally handicapped adolescent finds a place of work than it is for any other adolescent .
10 We need to remember that it is no more natural for women to live longer than men than it is for them to have lower incomes , to expect to give up work if their men wish it at marriage or in later life , to be the keepers of family memory , the main carers of those in need , the main sufferers from the empty nest as children leave home .
11 Altering the diet is also far more risky for a child than it is for an adult , so there are more difficult decisions to be made before embarking on an elimination diet .
12 ‘ It seems like a nightmare , ’ said Breeze in bewilderment ; ‘ but it 's much , much worse for you than it is for me .
13 In fact social life in the evenings will be easier in every way for him to find than it is for a widow , who can not go out alone at night without some feeling of apprehension , and who would generally anyway feel out of place sitting on her own in a saloon bar .
14 It is much more effort for the speechreader than it is for you .
15 Unfortunately , video imaging systems are not very tolerant of contrast , and the range of brightness between the lightest and darkest areas of a picture which can be reproduced is very much less for video than it is for ordinary colour photography .
16 But there are those for whom the task is easier than it is for most .
17 It is entirely wrong to assume that older women , who have been involved in employment during their lives , should experience retirement as any more or less significant than it is for older men .
18 What is remarkable about the text-books ( which describe the chemical structure of the various chains in loving detail ) is not so much that they do not explain the discrepancy but that they do not even notice it ; nor are they apparently interested in the fact that the work of fracture for a material like Polythene or Nylon is at least a hundred times higher than it is for most of the thermosetting plastics .
19 A comfortable position for writing when work needs to be undertaken at close range is in some respects more difficult to achieve than it is for reading .
20 Gestation is slightly shorter than it is for human mothers .
21 Thus , Walker points out that , in 1981 , 66.8 per cent of all pensioners lived at or below the 140 per cent supplementary-benefit level , compared with one-fifth of the non-elderly ; and the risk of experiencing poverty is three times greater for those over retirement age than it is for those below it .
22 In societies where the organization of social and economic life is based much more closely on kinship than it is for most people in contemporary Britain , women 's involvement in exchanging goods and services with female relatives plays an important role in maintaining the solidarity of the kin group .
23 Not surprisingly therefore , the results of the 1983 survey show that mass unemployment ‘ has created a serious new risk of what can only be regarded as downward social mobility — and that risk is much greater for men in working class positions , by whatever route they come into them , than it is for others ’ ( p. 17 ) .
24 Is n't it , but you do n't you think that 's more so for females than it is for males , the fact that it is such a dirty thing that , that applies more to females than it does , to males ?
25 If you want to get money out it 's harder than it is for white people — they always check you and go away and phone .
26 The risk of experiencing poverty is twice as great for those over retirement age than it is for below retirement age ( Johnson and Webb , 1990 ) .
27 Parents generally worry less about the sexual behaviour of their sons , and teaching boys about sex and contraception is sometimes considered less crucial than it is for girls .
28 This is more of an illusion than it is for Britain because there is even less semblance in the US of centralised , national government .
29 Since a variety of conduct is included within the term gross indecency , the protection afforded to male patients from sexual exploitation is greater than it is for female patients .
30 ‘ No more unlikely , surely , for a girl from Darlington than it is for a boy from the East End of London ? ’
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