Example sentences of "time for us [verb] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ It 'll soon be time for us to take control , seriously . ’
2 That it is time for us to take our rightful place .
3 Time for us to take a break now .
4 Time for us to go .
5 it 's raining in time for us to go to school , come on
6 we 'll phone Chris and Keith and ask them the best time for us to go when the kids are not there , and she 'll tell us
7 ‘ It 's time for us to close now , love . ’
8 Theoretically , her biological clock is ticking away , although in practice , there is still enough time for us to split up , find new partners , get to know them and start a family .
9 Christmas is a natural time for us to indulge ourselves , free from the constraints of commissioning clients , and as calligraphy lends itself admirably to the creation of ephemera such as greetings cards , most of us have a large collection of those many of our distinguished colleagues .
10 It took a long time for us to reach an understanding .
11 It is time for us to thank .
12 " I do n't believe that this is the time for us to profit from each other 's misery so I hereby cancel all sales of food which have taken place this afternoon .
13 It 's time for us to join the fight … and the best way to fight is education … ’
14 I suppose if you were either one of them it would be nice but I 'd go out and say to them , ‘ David , it 's time for us to do a vocal now ’ and Angie would say , ‘ Oh , Davey Wavey , do you have to leave me now ? ’ , to which he 'd reply , ‘ Oh , Angie Pangie , I suppose I do — old Uncle Tony wants me in the studio . ’
15 Singer Canice Kenealy says : ‘ Now is the right time for us to move to London .
16 Er time for us to move on and talk to er Sam er who is there somewhere .
17 When I visited Aunt Louise there was just time for us to have a meal in one of the High Street cafés before I caught the bus home .
18 ‘ There will be time for us to have a look round Westminster Abbey , ’ said Lady Selvedge , not in the least disturbed by the upsetting little incident of the pudding .
19 Time for us to have a little chat , sir , ’ Hatchard said to me .
20 I think that 's a good time for us to have a coffee break , yes ?
21 ‘ Darling Ruth , if you do n't know how I feel about you now , you never will , but now is n't the time for us to make rash statements as we did in Seville .
22 It was time for us to get on with the climbing .
23 Well the only thing is that I hope that the next generation that is coming along now will appreciate what has been done for their generation because it took a long time for us to get what we wanted for our children and now with our grandchildren are coming along I hope the town will improve with their growth .
24 Time for us to get clear . ’
25 Yes , O K , as I say , I want to come along and check it and there 's a couple of other things I want to talk to you about , when 's the best time for us to get together ?
26 At the end of my little phone session , I 've one last in the bag , hi Mick , Peter , as I said I 'd give you a bell in January , do you think it 's a good time for us to get together now , yes , Oh great , O K , I 've got .
27 ‘ However , it seems a difficult time for us to consider the situation with such an important match a day away .
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