Example sentences of "two [noun pl] ' time " in BNC.

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1 do n't start me on that , I 'll be doing it in about two hours ' time .
2 The winners will meet the Scottish champions , Murrayfield Racers in the final in two months ' time , writes Steve Pinder .
3 The winner will be announced in two months ' time .
4 Be honest with your answers and repeat the questionnaire in two months ' time !
5 Her character — child bride Fizz — will leave the show in two months ' time .
6 In two months ' time the slopes would be a vista of hazy blue .
7 Similarly , the two month and five month rates can be used to derive the expected three month rate in two months ' time .
8 While the withdrawal of Peter Elliott and Tom McKean weakened the European Relays competition held in tandem with a field event international match between Britain , Italy and Hungary , the Tynesider took it upon himself to elevate the proceedings with the kind of form that suggests he could challenge for an Olympic triple jump medal in Barcelona in two months ' time .
9 Nervous because she was due to play in two chukkas ' time , Perdita refused even to acknowledge Daisy 's presence .
10 NEW YORK ( Reuter ) — El Salvador 's President , Alfredo Cristiani , announced in a speech to the UN that he would make a proposal for a ceasefire in his country 's 10-year-old civil war at a meeting with FMLN rebels in two weeks ' time .
11 His influence in stemming the Swansea flow could not be overstated and he now looks certain to face his fellow countrymen in two weeks ' time .
12 A compromise with far tighter controls over the CITES-monitored quota system is likely to be agreed before the end of the conference in two weeks ' time .
13 The interior ministers of Peru , Bolivia and Colombia and representatives of Spain , France and Italy are to meet in Madrid in two weeks ' time to discuss drug trafficking .
14 His Francesca was a rising star in the Department of Trade and Industry , and they planned to celebrate her thirtieth birthday with a skiing holiday , due to start in two weeks ' time .
15 That meeting , which could occur as early as two weeks ' time , will then declare at least a three-month gap in meetings to fulfil the Unionist precondition for talks and clear the way for the first of a three-stage set of inter-party and inter-government negotiations to prepare a new British-Irish Agreement .
16 The defeat of Redgrave and Pinsent is unlikely to prevent their selection for the Olympic coxless pairs and it could prove to have been a useful warning to the world champions to raise their performance for Cologne in two weeks ' time , when all the potential Olympic crews will have their first try-out .
17 Tony Stafford talks to the former owner of Vernons Pools who is hoping for a jackpot dividend in two weeks ' time with Rodrigo de Triano and Musicale
18 But now , with hopes of success in both Guineas races in two weeks ' time , and the renaissance of Manton under his trainer Peter Chapple-Hyam , the leading British owner-breeder is better placed than at any period in the past decade .
19 At Cologne , in two weeks ' time , an eight and two separate fours will compete .
20 Official viewing figures will be out in two weeks ' time .
21 KITCHENS OF DISTINCTION , Tooting Broadway 's finest , who issue their ‘ When In Heaven ’ / ‘ Glittery Dust ’ 45 on One Little Indian in two weeks ' time , play
22 In two weeks ' time it would be one year since he had first come to Iraq .
23 There was great jubilation in the family when he returned home to tell them that he was to start in the Despatch Department in two weeks ' time , in the huge new office in Edge Lane where Eileen worked .
24 Calverton Colliery is to close in just over two weeks ' time .
25 Nottinghamshire police have released a recording of a girl they believe called the Kingsmill Hospital at Sutton in Ashfield claiming she 'd had a baby and Calverton Colliery is to close in just over two weeks ' time .
26 So we 're talking about two weeks ' time , that 's two weeks Thursday .
27 After initial doubts about whether he would accept selection to run for Britain in the European Cup in Rome in two weeks ' time , Robb said he would now ‘ probably go if they asked me . ’
28 MIDDLESBROUGH Bears , facing their first Homefire League match of the 1992 season in only two weeks ' time , need another good result against Glasgow at Cleveland Park tonight to fire them up for a long and hard campaign .
29 Yet in two weeks ' time , some 450 of BBC Scotland 's 1,100 employees will become ultimately answerable to a London-based controller .
30 He is due to report to West Hendon police station in two weeks ' time .
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