Example sentences of "have [vb pp] a [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Mother-child separation at four months of age may not be too disturbing , as the child will not yet have formed a lasting selective attachment to her .
2 Yes , Yes , Yes : - ) I must have formed a mental block on the exact details due to the severe trauma involved !
3 From the discussions that I have had with those groups and from some statements that I have received — I do not want to go into detail because they were confidential — I am confident that a solution could have been found which would have formed a reasoned consensus for those groups , for the interests that they represent and for the House .
4 It 's from the Bible , actually , and it would have formed a small part of what I wanted to say to you this morning ; ‘ Do n't make friends with people who have hot , violent tempers .
5 Perhaps I should have formed a better plan ; perhaps I should have made instead for the Villa Diodati , to see if I could secure any friends and allies there .
6 Badham ( 1981 ) has suggested that the basinal Lower Silurian shales to the west of the carbonate shelf facies could have formed a suitable depositional environment for mineralisation of the SEDEX style .
7 In addition he has stressed the crankish nature of many of its supporters and the fact that it drew that support from only a very small section of the working class — even though they may have formed a significant proportion of the BUF 's small membership of between 5,000 and 40,000 members throughout the 1930s .
8 The restrictions of office life might have formed a permanent barrier to any expression of their feelings for each other , but their relationship had grown appreciably closer when they had both stayed for part of one summer at the home of a friend , Margaret Behrens , in Mentone — although even here Valerie Fletcher still called him " Mr Eliot " .
9 In retrospect , for example , many Gaullists concluded that he should have formed a Gaullist movement of the kind that he formed , too late , in 1947 — a movement that could have channelled popular adulation into usable political support .
10 If earlier national and local links still existed it would have given a helpful criterion to governors to know whether their school was being managed well .
11 So the coalition should have given a reasoned reply , welcoming the offer to withdraw and saying that all the other issues are open for discussion once the withdrawal has taken place and a cease-fire is in operation .
12 Chant would have given a good deal to break the bastard 's nose so he bled on it .
13 I would have given a good deal to have the stalwart Lord Byron by me , armed with the handgun .
14 We can not remember anyone ever asking us these questions and we are not sure we could have given a reasonable answer until we had been married nearly twenty years .
15 Her absence ( if it was regular and fairly lengthy ) would presumably have given a similar opportunity to her husband .
16 It would have given a similar sort of chance to the one he missed in the first minute .
17 If the patient has been misled or misinformed he may not have given a genuine consent or refusal .
18 Your report ( 4 March ) regarding the proposed housing and golf course development at Archerfield , East Lothian , may have given a misleading impression of the current situation .
19 ‘ I can well comprehend your daughter 's being upset but , I assure you , I would have given a great deal to prevent it .
20 The Consul General would have given a great deal to stop this exchange going any further but he could hardly say anything without worsening the situation for himself .
21 He would have given a great deal to have sounded less incredulous .
22 Pumfrey would have given a great deal to know .
23 Lost in the malai chain of command , shuffled round from captor to captor , I would not have given a great deal for my chances .
24 This left him an enormous amount of scope for demonstrating the kind of narrative energy that most English fiction-writers would have given a great deal to acquire .
25 Erm , that that that that is a point where the discovery in itself , must have given a great deal of pleasure to a a er a number of people who 've been involved in the , in the research .
26 I hope I may have given a few ideas and if anyone makes their fortune and buys a villa in the South of France , will you invite me for a holiday , please ?
27 D. N. Pritt in his autobiography told of his many political cases and of one which ‘ came before a judge of great experience and knowledge , so bitterly opposed to anything left-wing that he could scarcely have given a fair trial if he had tried ’ .
28 A moment more , a moment less , a foot more , a foot less , and the meter would have given a different reading .
29 She was an extraordinarily attractive girl , with a pale complexion , a freckled face , and ginger hair : a girl for whom most of the other GIs would willingly have given a monthly pay-packet .
30 An action for breach of statutory duty would have given a strict liability action in many cases of road traffic accidents .
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