Example sentences of "have [vb pp] a [adj -er] " in BNC.

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1 Perhaps I should have formed a better plan ; perhaps I should have made instead for the Villa Diodati , to see if I could secure any friends and allies there .
2 I could n't have arranged a better still life .
3 I could n't have arranged a better still life .
4 If it were not , you may be sure that I would have arranged a better climate for the Brits than the Lord has seen fit to give them . ’
5 By that time , the RECs should have developed a better understanding of the market , and pricing policies to suit .
6 I do not blame the Opposition for not understanding the issues as fully as we might hope , but , given their new-found support and desire for everything European , I thought that they might have developed a better understanding .
7 ( S. ) 335 recognise the exception illustrated by this decision : if the offence to which the juvenile has pleaded guilty is punishable with 14 years ' imprisonment and is therefore one for which the juvenile can be detained under Children and Young Persons Act 1933 , s.53(2) for a longer period , a sentence of 12 months ' detention in a young offender institution is not objectionable , despite the plea of guilty , if the offence would have justified a longer term of detention under section 53(2) and the sentencer has given the juvenile a discount for his plea by choosing to impose a term of detention in a young offender institution rather than detention under Children and Young Persons Act 1933 , s.53(2) .
8 These included care of the mentally ill ( which then also included the elderly with mental disability ) — these categories which should have received a bigger slice of the cake , actually received a smaller percentage of health board funding during the funding period from 1981–82 to 1985–86 .
9 Sentencing R v Barney ; CA ( Crim Div ) ( Bingham LJ , Ognall , McKinnon JJ ) ; 3 Oct 1989 A judge was in error in implying that , had a defendant been in a position to pay compensation to his victim , he might have received a shorter sentence than that in fact imposed .
10 However , it could have hidden a greater reduction in flow in the deeper layers of the bowel wall , which may be the main site of vascular compromise .
11 But if he lied , saying that he came to Parfois with no felonious intent , and attacked only when he was surprised and frightened , Isambard would have won a better victory .
12 I would have added a further recommendation to the Clapham conclusions : that British Rail should forthwith desist from any further advertising expenditure and re-route the money to the improvement of safety and engineering standards .
13 After the majestic setting of Old Trafford , Middlesbrough could not have expected a greater contrast than Roots Hall .
14 Under these conditions they could have expected a higher failure rate .
15 Robert did not like to think of himself as a snob , but , had he been in charge of the Independent Wimbledon Day Islamic Boys ’ School , he would have expected a higher standard of civility from the cleaning staff .
16 He could n't have picked a better place : laid to rest in Père Lachaise alongside such genuine nineteenth-century bohos as Gérard de Nerval , who took his pet lobster for walks in the Palais Royal and eventually hanged himself with a piece of string he insisted was the Queen of Sheba 's garter .
17 QUEEN OF SHANNON had tears and not champagne flowing by winning at Salisbury yesterday — but she could not have picked a better moment .
18 If he were going to humiliate her , he could not have picked a better opportunity .
19 He started up twenty years ago , he could not have picked a better time .
20 This , after all , was no ordinary case of murder and they could scarcely have picked a worse example to further their cause .
21 ‘ Should have picked a quieter place to meet , ’ he chuckles .
22 Fourth Division TOWCESTRIANS with an outstanding 1991/92 season in which they won the East Midlands Colts Cup and won 28 of 30 matches , are planning an even more successful campaign , but few clubs could have enjoyed a better pre-season build up than COLCHESTER .
23 Mrs Ross ’ s condition had deteriorated ; she had fallen out of bed and it seemed she might have suffered a further stroke .
24 She always said she could have done a better job running the place than the Director or his boss , Controller Establishment Research and Nuclear .
25 I was n't very happy with my legal representation ; in fact , I think I could have done a better job myself .
26 Yep The Don was crap — I could have done a better job .
27 No-one can argue against or overstate what Sgt Wilko has done in this area , that 's why I believe no-one around could have done a better job , and why he is the best man for the future too .
28 He could n't have said a truer word .
29 But the second perspective is that the rent review clause is the landlord 's price for the grant of a long term , in the absence of which he would have granted a shorter term .
30 When the negotiations began at Dalat it was Giap who assumed the principal role on the Vietnamese side and while , as communists , they might have accepted a smaller but communist state that could conceivably have been free of the French , it was as nationalists that the Vietminh argued their case for indissoluble national unity .
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