Example sentences of "just been [verb] to " in BNC.

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1 Er in fact I have now , Mr has found the er the report which has actually got the traffic assessment e that we 've just been referring to which is er no western relief road but with in an inner northern road .
2 Lady Elizabeth Campbell , sixteen , gentle , interested in poetry , cuddly , was discussing the matter of her marriage , which had just been broken to her at dinner by her father , Archibald Campbell , Earl of Argyll , King James the Fourth 's Lieutenant of the Isles , chief of Clan Diarmaid ; and her teeth , which were indeed passable , were much in evidence .
3 The fact was that his own heart had grown irresistibly fond of the love of his life , Senora Isabel-Maria Estanguet de Moss , whose husband had just been posted to the Argentinian Embassy in Brussels .
4 The result was that a constituent of mine — and no doubt many hundreds of others who have just been referred to by the Minister as being included in the 1,200 people who received grants — was short changed and not given the full amount .
5 I have just been elected to the Council of the Law Society as a specialist member representing ethnic minority interests . ’
6 Do they do this purposely cos that man 's just been sent to prison the same thing is n't it ?
7 He was giving me 40 minutes on all matters transport and 10 had just been forfeited to the interests of the constituents of Derbyshire .
8 As I write , on Easter day , I have just been listening to Matins from King 's college , Cambridge , broadcast on Radio 3 — superb performances of music by William Byrd and a finely engineered sound .
9 ‘ By the way , I 've just been listening to the news .
10 Oh I 've just been listening to your conversation with Dennis and Iris .
11 took the first call , but I 've just been speaking to him , and you 'd better have the full picture . ’
12 ‘ I have just been speaking to Officer Hassan .
13 ‘ I 've just been speaking to my sister .
14 ‘ I 've just been speaking to Drewer , ’ rapped Naylor .
15 And that that guy has just been transferred to another group so you know we 're now one short well in fact we 're three or four short up in Scotland so .
16 It so happened that when John approached the manager and his wife they had only just been moved to the pub with the brief to try and improve relations between the pub and the local community .
17 From the children 's point of view , what they really want to get out of a project is precisely the content which , for teachers , has just been relegated to a secondary position .
18 However , if he 's left alone for a minute it feels like an hour to him , he can not remember what has just been said to him , therefore he will repeat himself endlessly , and he has no frame of references to enable him to take part in any kind of conversation .
19 Egocentric utterances — ‘ I have just been called to head office . ’
20 Then that particular Saturday , Leith 's outgoing if slightly irresponsible brother had come to tell her excitedly , ‘ I 've just been chatting to Rosemary Green ! ’
21 From 1966 to 1969 he was a fellow of Balliol College , Oxford , and had just been appointed to a readership at the time of his death .
22 I can actually recall a press release which came to me about a a principal tourism officer who had just been appointed to be the head , you know the president for the year of his professional body , and in his own town a press release was put out in which his name was incorrectly spelt , and the conference at which he was about to be invested was actually taking , and I blush to say that it was in Brighton , I can only tell you when I got that press release I did what I frequently do , which is outline in highlighter the mistakes on the press release , put it back into the envelope and send it back to the relevant officer .
23 We ca n't look into it because it 's only just been given to us .
24 By nine , the playroom was like something censored out of Gremlins , and I spent most of the morning as a cross between Mummy Bear and Mister Wolf I 'd just been pinned to the floor , it was like an insane asylum in Lilliput , when buti Sikita beckoned me to the phone .
25 Charles felt a bit starchy in battle dress which had only just been issued to the TA .
26 She is simply an older version of the woman you have just been talking to , and so the farce goes into Round Two with defeat for the customer the only possible outcome .
27 When you and Chantal arrived at that accommodation agency I had just been talking to the proprietor .
28 ‘ I 've just been talking to your aunt on the phone .
29 I 've just been talking to Captain Montgomery .
30 ‘ I 've just been talking to Mrs Flaherty , ’ she said .
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