Example sentences of "just [vb past] to be " in BNC.

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1 McEnroe was philosophical : ‘ It just got to be too long where I had n't won the big one .
2 erm and ended up dealing with it but that 's not to say she should n't deal with it erm she just got to be trained how to deal with it
3 And erm , you just got to be , you know a mum would , a mum and that
4 ‘ But I just tried to be patient , and one day everything just started to be okay again .
5 Some of the cognoscenti had recognised why he was wearing the deaf-aid , but for the majority , it just seemed to be part of the character , justified by a couple of new lines .
6 Chemistry in turn , even ‘ organic chemistry ’ , was considerably more advanced than the life-sciences , which just seemed to be taking off into an era of exciting progress .
7 Will Carling said : ‘ There just seemed to be no way through .
8 Both men had leapt to their feet and had been restrained from using violence by the mates of the shop steward , who just happened to be on hand .
9 One of the two witnesses , who also just happened to be the convener , Fred Clasper , claimed that a second warning note was unjustified as the foreman had been knocked down unintentionally .
10 BBS seriously considered firing Hopper ; the pressure of moving a production team of twenty-three people from state to state , writing the script on the run and persuading innocent citizens of the United States of America who just happened to be passing at the time to appear in the movie , was a heavy burden for all .
11 Maybe it was n't even him that took my bag — maybe it was one of those American tourists or someone I did n't even see , and Dayglo here — Vern — just happened to be running along the wharf .
12 They just put me up for it and I just happened to be about at the time .
13 ‘ I just happened to be around some great players and be part of a great team ’ , he said with typical modesty .
14 To get the tickets you had to sign up for a complete tour and hospitality package , available through Travelforce , a travel agency in Durban — of which the then President of the Natal Rugby Union , and member of the Executive of the ( former ) SARB , just happened to be a director .
15 This continent seems to have been created by Augustus Le Plongeon for his 1896 novel Queen Moo and the Egyptian Sphynx , which he claimed was based on original Mayan writings — which writings , of course , just happened to be unavailable to other scholars .
16 Anything could have sparked the riots , it just happened to be the injustice of Rodney King 's trial that triggered it this time .
17 She was going through a traumatic divorce at the time and it was obvious she needed someone to talk to and I just happened to be around .
18 Within Christianity bread and wine are sacramental not because they just happened to be on the table for a Jewish meal but because they were signs of the covenant .
19 He just happened to be there after solving another case .
20 Pilkington disliked the impression conveyed that these friendly personalities just happened to be recommending products as though they were disinterested parties .
21 It just happened to be the one which caused the glass to become overfilled and which caused the body to begin to signal being under excessive stress .
22 ‘ The whole thing has got out of control , I 'm not so much bored as miserable , ’ confided Diana to a sympathetic neighbour who just happened to be a journalist .
23 The auto industry just happened to be a convenient sector in which to show his determination to change ( Doner , 1987 ; Oman , 1989 : pp. 164–166 ) .
24 I just happened to be seen by a lot of people every night .
25 Spooner 's idea came from an invitation by his actor-neighbour , Jim Dale , to visit the set of the latest Carry On … film at Pinewood — which just happened to be Carry On Cleo .
26 ‘ I just happened to be interested , that 's all , ’ she replied .
27 Could it possibly be mere chance , I asked myself , that this manna from God knew where just happened to be my absolute favourites bar none ?
28 Most of Rory 's pals in London were in the International Marxist Croup , but here he was ; wandering the hills with an upper class dingbat who just happened to be married to his sister and who lived for huntin' , shootin' and fishin' ( and seemed to spend the absolute minimum amount of time in his castle with his wife ) , and who had just last year rationalised half the work force in the glass factory out of a job .
29 The grass was lucky if it grew , was shone upon and rained upon , and was not burned , and was not pulled up by the roots , or poisoned , or buried when the ground was turned over , and some bits just happened to be on a line that humans wanted to walk on , and so got trampled , broken , pressed flat , with no malice ; just effect .
30 ‘ I just happened to be with Nick Simpkin .
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