Example sentences of "been [vb pp] for some " in BNC.

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1 Since the rate of repayment is reviewed only once annually , quite often the effect of mortgage rate rises has been delayed for some months , allowing the borrower to prepare for the increased cost .
2 Though since to find an alternative word was n't going to alter matters at all by the look of it , Fabia began to wonder if perhaps Vendelin Gajdusek was coming back from Prague today to keep his appointment but had been delayed for some reason or another .
3 The need for regulatory change had been mooted for some time .
4 Laws to prohibit discrimination on the ground of disability and to advance equal opportunities for disabled Britons have been mooted for some time .
5 An attempt to remove Kevin Maxwell has been mooted for some time .
6 That system had been intended for some time .
7 The structure and organization of public services do not , at present , foster service developments which match the King 's Fund recommendations , and the need for an overhaul in the way services are organized has been recognized for some years .
8 The release of these chemicals following drainage has been recognized for some time , but researchers at the Australian national research organization ( CSIRO ) now offer an explanation of the cause and also point to the great risks involved in large-scale land reclamation projects .
9 Another suggestion was that an entire class of LMS express locomotives had been withdrawn for some reason .
10 CPRW has evidence that the sale of holiday units as permanent residences is already beginning to happen where the temporary occupancy clause , which is customarily enforced on caravan and chalet sites , has been withdrawn for some reason .
11 Its proper specification has only been given for some simple cases .
12 Though the system has now been modified for some years , local authorities still play a crucial role in the shaping of the local environment by , for example , forecasting the need for roads for travel to work or leisure , and thus plan on the basis of that need Planners seek to influence behaviour , for example , by deciding that particular zones will be devoted to industrial estates , others to shopping centres and residential use in order to harmonise traffic movement and so on .
13 This draft response indicates which DTAC responses he has taken into account , and any member whose DTAC 's response has arrived late or has been omitted for some other reason can ensure that relevant points are not missed .
14 Four people , having served their community , have been confined for some seven years and now find that their right of appeal is being hindered by some legal technicality or misinterpretation of the law .
15 Over 40,000 people staged a demonstration in Buenos Aires on Dec. 30 against the decision , which had been forecast for some time .
16 No I did n't Stefan , we 've been blamed for some things in our time , have n't we but
17 This comes even when death has been expected for some time , but is even more dramatic when the death is sudden .
18 The third had been expected for some time .
19 When somebody had been convicted of the offence , or no other offences had been committed for some time , the names were removed from the police station notice board — the police needed the space there — and put in a file or destroyed .
20 Some would argue that the real problem lies in the fact that shares had been overvalued for some time , and that prices were likely to fall , and that the above events provided the impetus .
21 It was rumoured that the ‘ train' actually came into Hallington Station and blew off steam ( even though the track had been lifted for some years ) .
22 The schedule of accommodation which forms the basic document around which the rest of the building note is developed , and which I shall illustrate , was prepared , for this particular group of patients , in precisely the same way as it had been done for some of the other sub-groups within mental illness and mental handicapped for which various supplements have been prepared to which I referred above .
23 The research has been done for some time and the results have been known for some time , yet still the Government do nothing .
24 The Court of Appeal decided to undertake a review of the basic principles of the law in this area and as this has not been done for some time we now set out in detail what they held .
25 Well he must have been transferred for some reason or other .
26 It has been felt for some time that the procedure and forms relating to the granting of legal aid in criminal causes could be improved , and the introduction of legal aid in the District Courts has led to the position being scrutinised and a new procedure and application form introduced .
27 This problem in combining general relativity and the uncertainty principle had been suspected for some time , but was finally confirmed by detailed calculations in 1972 .
28 It has been suspected for some time that North Korea has been working on a nuclear device .
29 Efforts have been made for some time to get this off the ground and a successful public meeting was held at Newtown at the end of April .
30 They frequently appear to have been written for some private academic argument rather than to inform prospective students .
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