Example sentences of "been [adj] for [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Since the end of Athens ' archaic war with Eleusis it would have been absurd for any deme of Attica to think of rivalling Athens .
2 Surely she 'd only been asleep for five minutes at the very most ?
3 He had been asleep for less than half an hour .
4 As it was , this first ever trip on a narrow boat looked like being her last , and she had been asleep for most of it .
5 She must have been asleep for some hours when the sound of her opening bedroom door penetrated her dreams and brought her instantly awake .
6 He had been asleep for some time , physically exhausted after his ordeal , but now he tossed and turned , held fast in the grip of some awful nightmare .
7 ‘ The nurse tells me she 's been asleep for some time . ’
8 The currency has been stable for six months .
9 The mammalian gut has been stable for many millennia and acts to constrain the flexibility of E. coli 's genome .
10 She has been depressed for some time .
11 That charge has been wrong-headed for some years ; nevertheless , it has been sustained by enough left-wing activity to feed Conservative propaganda .
12 In many rural areas it has therefore been usual for local farm workers to work on the land ‘ man and boy ’ .
13 Adult worm burdens are typically in excess of 40,000 , although lower numbers are often found in animals which has been diarrhoeic for several days prior to necropsy .
14 It 's tremendous as it 's been dry for 10 years .
15 The weather had been dry for some time and , fanned by an easterly wind , the fire spread rapidly until , within three days , it had engulfed most of the city .
16 Well it 's been dry for another day .
17 His friend and doctor , Dr James Mortimer , said that Sir Charles ' heart had been weak for some time .
18 I 'm ten years older now , and in retrospect I see that if Francesca had lived we would n't have been right for each other . ’
19 Rumours of cutbacks at the factory have been rife for some time .
20 It had originally been left to her by a noted amateur ornithologist and eccentric with whom she had been friendly for many years .
21 The state 's involvement offers crucial protection , since failure to accept a coin or tampering with it in some way , like making a forgery , then is regarded as a crime against the state , and serious penalties including execution have frequently been normal for such activities .
22 As has been normal for most organized communities that are not based on a money economy , African society was based on slavery ( in the sense of the life-long ownership of human beings who could be traded ) , which sometimes involved plantation work or even being used as a human sacrifice : there is no calculus to compare the disadvantages of local slavery with those of being taken across the Atlantic and used as plantation or mining labour .
23 Lady Street had returned to what must have been normal for any morning at this time ; the delivery vans had gone , there was sporadic traffic in the one-way street , and people had no time to stand about gawping at the bookshop though they slowed their pace in passing and tried to look in without appearing to do so .
24 I 've always been grateful for that , that they did you know create th th this love of poetry .
25 Many of the debts sued for , all undefended , had been outstanding for three , four , five and six years , or even for a longer period .
26 ‘ A number of invitations have been outstanding for some time , and people just chose to take them up at this stage , ’ one said .
27 ‘ He has been outstanding for several weeks now — and he 's got real pace , which you ca n't find these days , never mind buy it .
28 The annual floods had been low for some years , and conditions in the villages were very bad .
29 Interest rates had already been low for twenty years when the turnpike mania began in 1750 and remained low after it ended in 1772 .
30 It has been possible for many of us , for example , to respond to dance from quite other cultures , and to sculpture , carving and painting not only from other cultures but from other , often very remote , times .
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