Example sentences of "been [adj] for [noun] " in BNC.

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1 The economy of these villages — in Mirpur , Jhelum or in East Punjab across the Indo-Pakistan border ( see Table 1 & map ) — has been feudal for centuries .
2 I promptly eased it back onto the lap and desperately tried to imitate someone who has been asleep for hours , with his arm wrapped fiercely round his dog .
3 He must have been asleep for hours .
4 When he awoke he could not tell if he had fainted or had been asleep for hours or even days .
5 The cats have been asleep for days .
6 It must have been awful for Mme Wyatt .
7 In areas with long nursery waiting lists it has been usual for governors to establish admission panels drawn from their own members .
8 The same tenure seems to have been usual for officials in most lawcourts — except for the judges — and in such administrative departments as the Signet Office and the Privy Seal Office .
9 It must have been odd for Ralph , I thought , to feel like an intruder in his own library .
10 I understand names like Paraguay 's Juan Carlos Giminez , who had to pull out of a previous challenge with a damaged hand , Americans Darrin Van Horn and Lindell Holmes plus Italian Vicenzo Nardiello have already been short-listed for November .
11 This last aspect has yet to be fully developed but training agencies have been short-listed for courses scheduled for later this year .
12 These islands have been Spanish for centuries .
13 It had been dry for weeks , but there were thunderheads over against the mountains and the atmosphere was heavy with the hint of rain .
14 Fixed-price contracts have been normal for production contracts but on occasion this has led to claims that excess profits have been made and in a few cases repayment of the excess has been enforced .
15 Since that time , and first fully developed by the Radical wing of the Liberal Party , it has been normal for parties to fight elections on the basis of a manifesto of policy promises .
16 I 've been grateful for Jessie having my key because er I 've locked myself out one or two
17 The old lady had been deaf for years and had what she called a ‘ thing-gummyjig ’ on her telephone receiver which was intended to help her hear her callers more clearly .
18 The Group says , production , home sales and exports have all been outstanding for Austin Rover and Landrover vehicles .
19 The corporation will pay the estimated £250,000 costs of the action , which had been due for trial in January .
20 Nicos Sampson , leader of the short-lived right-wing regime of 1974 , was conditionally released from imprisonment in Cyprus on April 28 ; he had been due for release in March 1994 [ see also p. 38450 ] .
21 Unkiar-Skelessi had been due for renewal anyway .
22 The new arrangements had been due for introduction on April 1 but the Government was forced to shelve them last month after dentists threatened a mass exodus from the NHS .
23 ‘ We offer the literature of reassurance ’ states the press office for Mills and Boon : a reassurance that has been marketed with resounding success , a success that would not have been possible for Mills and Boon or for Harlequin without the intervention and resources of the Torstar Corporation .
24 Until 1925 it had been possible for Communists to be represented in all sections of the Labour Party but at the liverpool Conference it was decided to exclude them from membership .
25 Since the abolition of exchange controls in the UK in October 1979 it has been possible for residents of the UK to hold foreign currency on account if they so wish .
26 It might have been possible for Britain to enforce Anglo-American nuclear collaboration by withholding ore stocks , but to have done so would have reduced American production of fissile material to the Soviets ' advantage .
27 In the eighteenth century it had still been possible for Turks to feel that the empire , inherently superior to the infidel states which threatened it , had no need to stoop to such devices ; but such an attitude was now no longer practicable .
28 Had this been successful it would have been possible for managers of education and training at every level within a locality to identify major employment issues , to assess likely large-scale change in employment patterns and to identify educational links which might have to be developed or changed .
29 In the old days before the local government reorganization of 1974 , it had been possible for Local Education Authorities to make their decisions relatively autonomously , with a view to the educational needs of local children , and under the guidance of often very high-powered and imaginative Chief Education Officers .
30 Had he been willing for Otto to do what he did ?
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