Example sentences of "'s [adv] [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 It 's little wonder that the naturally shy Morrissey often seeks to retreat .
2 Gerald has been known to coin such memorable one-liners as the following : ‘ If the joy of the Lord is our strength , it 's little wonder that the church in Britain has been so weak and ineffective ’ ; ‘ There 's no virtue in being ten or twenty years behind the times ’ ; ‘ Most Christians are nicer than God himself ’ ; ‘ It is the unshared areas of our lives where Jesus is not Lord ’ ; ‘ One of the reasons the church in Britain has failed to grow is quite simply because it is full of people who are extremely rude ’ ; ‘ Putting the life of God into institutional Christianity is rather like putting the life of a human being into a kangaroo … . ’ 'You are only a leader if someone 's following you' ( Gerald Quotes ) .
3 It 's little wonder that this month Patrick Eggle guitars occupy two of the top ten slots in the British guitar sales league .
4 Add to that the dreadfully long hours that doctors and nurses have to work — sometimes 16-18 hour shifts — and it 's little wonder that mistakes are made .
5 It 's little wonder that the fax machine is so popular and that dial-up E-mail is such a rare species .
6 Johnny , but he 's since insisted that he be addressed as John . ’
7 I think she 's right saying that er er watch that off
8 There 's been plenty of speculation about what will be cut and what will be taxed , but it 's widely expected that there 'll be a big increase in the scope of VAT .
9 I always reckon it 's tremendously flattering that viewers want to talk to you when they meet you in the street .
10 Well that 's effectively brocked that has n't it .
11 It 's perhaps fitting that the Services and Communication Department should bring up the rear in this group of presentations , because one of its key priorities is to provide a coherent professional support service to the organisation as a whole .
12 Th the motion 's basically saying that we want to continue er our demands for harmonization of conditions pe irrespective of what peop jobs people do er in terms of negotiating , negotiating agreements .
13 Bob 's already indicated that he does n't , he wants to do everything he possibly can to avoid us having to affect service levels okay , and obviously the overtime is the one thing that really is , stands out as being the issue anything else cos I mean our salary costs are there , there or thereabouts erm with the temps in it , erm we know we 've got erm some temps .
14 It 's already heard that he and Greg Price had been friends .
15 I think he 's already confirmed that we did speak .
16 There again , he 's already proved that with willpower like his , almost anything is possible .
17 It 's already known that women who take the contraceptive pill are much less likely to develop it .
18 He 's already feeling that there is a counter movement in him which he is prepared to call nature , which links him to Eve and which will lead him to join Eve in her defiance of God .
19 Away to the west towards Memo , Lieutenant D. St. A. Dexter , supported by Turton , blocked the enemy 's eastward push that had overrun Dutch positions , but with the difficult hill country between them and Mape , they were unlikely to link up with the other columns .
20 I think he 's finally admitting that it 's all had an effect on him .
21 It 's normally thought that within the utilitarian tradition people should be required to vote on their interests .
22 So it 's normally thought that within the utilitarian tradition , voters are required to vote their interests and then the democratic procedure tells us where the general happiness lies roughly speaking .
23 It 's generally assumed that those who forego the pleasures of the flesh are elderly , but a report in the American Journal of Psychiatry reveals that 75pc are under the age of 38 .
24 It 's generally accepted that the ideal fitness programme is one that will push your pulse to between 70 and 80 per cent of your maximum heart rate and keep it there for at least 20 minutes , at least three times a week .
25 It 's generally accepted that oral contraceptives may slightly enlarge a woman 's breasts , but in a few exceptional cases it has had other more alarming side-effects .
26 It 's generally accepted that the herbage of this area produces the milk necessary to make a fine cheese .
27 ‘ It 's generally agreed that , given the constraints imposed by its function and the site , the power station is rather successful architecturally . ’
28 It 's generally agreed that I need looking after .
29 Now then part of it is they ask me You do n't have to , but they ask me to ask people to sign erm to say It 's just to say that you do n't mind your conversation being used .
30 It 's just to say that I 'm going to Norwich for a couple of hours to buy some materials .
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