Example sentences of "'s [adv] [verb] [conj] " in BNC.

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1 It 's little wonder that the naturally shy Morrissey often seeks to retreat .
2 Gerald has been known to coin such memorable one-liners as the following : ‘ If the joy of the Lord is our strength , it 's little wonder that the church in Britain has been so weak and ineffective ’ ; ‘ There 's no virtue in being ten or twenty years behind the times ’ ; ‘ Most Christians are nicer than God himself ’ ; ‘ It is the unshared areas of our lives where Jesus is not Lord ’ ; ‘ One of the reasons the church in Britain has failed to grow is quite simply because it is full of people who are extremely rude ’ ; ‘ Putting the life of God into institutional Christianity is rather like putting the life of a human being into a kangaroo … . ’ 'You are only a leader if someone 's following you' ( Gerald Quotes ) .
3 It 's little wonder that this month Patrick Eggle guitars occupy two of the top ten slots in the British guitar sales league .
4 Add to that the dreadfully long hours that doctors and nurses have to work — sometimes 16-18 hour shifts — and it 's little wonder that mistakes are made .
5 It 's little wonder that the fax machine is so popular and that dial-up E-mail is such a rare species .
6 Most of it 's vastly populated and punctuated by well defined compact small market towns and villages .
7 The ticket collector , who had just had a new perm , thought the girl 's geometrically cut and excessively short hair awful .
8 No I thought , cos I , I remember reading erm I think it 's her father who owns one of the bookshops in Woodbridge and he had this book on display , you know he sort of erm advertised it if you like and it 's , it 's properly published and everything but he had it as a a book available in his store and there was an advert in the Anglian about it , and I remember reading that she said er that he said er cos it was his daughter who had the child , that it totally knocked them for six .
9 Johnny , but he 's since insisted that he be addressed as John . ’
10 I think she 's right saying that er er watch that off
11 He 's badly bruised and has difficulty moving because of the stab wound to his back .
12 There 's been plenty of speculation about what will be cut and what will be taxed , but it 's widely expected that there 'll be a big increase in the scope of VAT .
13 I always reckon it 's tremendously flattering that viewers want to talk to you when they meet you in the street .
14 Well that 's effectively brocked that has n't it .
15 and things like that and it only , it 's only become and really it 's only actually set up as a business school quite recently as well , I mean what in the past ten years or something
16 And years ago I used to have sciatica , round the nerve and but it 's only happens when I sit and then the last thing so I went to the doctors the other day and what they do , they see us around bash on , on the knee on the nerve and she said , all my muscles have gone !
17 He 's only coming cos you Oh hi !
18 It 's only washed and ironed yesterday .
19 ‘ Emily has a quick temper , ’ Craig said , ‘ but she 's fair minded and she 'll reconsider the situation , I 'm sure . ’
20 It 's perhaps fitting that the Services and Communication Department should bring up the rear in this group of presentations , because one of its key priorities is to provide a coherent professional support service to the organisation as a whole .
21 I mean the one fear surely is that this is n't something which is happening on a , I was going to say a small local area , that 's perhaps exaggerating but it is in a at the moment in a confined locality , we know where it is , it 's not actually here and
22 He 's better looking than Dot Cotton
23 I just hope he 's better looking than this . ’
24 His judgement is more balanced and he 's better educated and better informed .
25 There 's a few sort of erm bits about it that he 's obviously changed or
26 so something erm I mean it , it just seems strange to me that , you know , something which has exist existed for thousands of years , you know , he 's suddenly sort of pooh-poohing so to speak , erm and I mean obviously the fact that there was a revolution twenty years later or whatever erm me means that something must have been wrong but erm you know i it 's strange how he 's suddenly criticizing and how the criticism has n't come before , how nothing 's happened before , how this seems an opportune moment for it to happen .
27 We now know from Russian eyes , particularly from Khrushchev 's much suspected but surely authentic memoirs , how precarious and nerve-ridden the future looked to the Communist high command when Stalin succumbed to his stroke on 5 March , 1953 .
28 The latest works in Chatto and Windus 's much maligned but nevertheless intriguing Counterblasts series come under the scrutiny of writer Marina Warner and anarchist author Colin Ward ( tomorrow , 2.30pm ) .
29 Iain Milne , Heriot 's much admired and respected Bear , was briefly an Anglo-Scot with Harlequins .
30 May I through the Journal , say thank you to all my friends and colleagues who contributed to my retirement present [ camcorder ] — a gift that 's much appreciated and will always remind me of my 32+ years at JS .
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