Example sentences of "n't be to [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Even if your reasoning is self-evident to you , it wo n't be to other people , who will come at the issue from a slightly ( or very ) different point of view .
2 I would hope he wo n't be to late or he 'll be exhausted .
3 Right , I hope , we wo n't be to long now , perhaps if we could just bring up the item you wanted to mention .
4 He says that it should n't be to difficult , just time consuming .
5 So waits now as Lawrence comes up and bowls to him and this , oooh off the edge and that 's going down up towards the third man , going over the ropes down the far end and and that 's one boundary there off the edge at one hundred and thirteen for four , Lawrence wo n't be to happy about that , but it happens to all fast bowlers .
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