Example sentences of "we [adv] [vb past] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 We duly wrote to the CAA , asking them to confirm or deny this practice .
2 The suggested the distinctive Volvo 460 , which we duly put to the test .
3 And er we , we did n't do an awful lot on commercial later on , we gave up that er thing we , we mostly concentrated on the private cars .
4 She had a strange name we rather connected with ‘ Salt Peter , ’ she was called Petula Clarke .
5 It must have been nearly 5 o'clock when , having finally got the cars across that ferry , we eventually drove into Martigues in dazzling late afternoon sunshine to see the fishing boats come in .
6 The tow rope snapped twice on the way and was getting shorter and shorter before we eventually got to Darlington .
7 We eventually got in there about coming up to half past two
8 We eventually went to the Austrian Police in an effort to get some assistance and , as good fortune would have it , we met it young Austrian called Thomas who worked at one of the Shipping Offices on the border .
9 Course we was feverishly trying to chip the bricks and things off the horse then how , what had happened because we 'd got two stalls for them , and there was pigs in the one side and the horse in the other one , but of course when we eventually came to it , or they eventually came to the horse , he was dead , been killed standing up there like , you know and er , poor old pigs was all dead as well and as I said , about a hundred fell and two or three would been blown sky high .
10 But , thanks to the kindness of a lady in the petrol depot who agreed to phone our host when a delivery was about to be made and where , we eventually refuelled at about 9.00 am on Thursday we set out on the last leg of our journey .
11 The call was reflected in the name we eventually chose for the church : Cranham Community Church .
12 By the time we eventually turned to starboard and headed off towards the UK I was most anxious to get home : I was to be the best man at a wedding that day , and I had to get back before high noon , When the dawn really appeared we were lying very sedately over ( and we were not aware of it at the time ) Belgium .
13 How we survived remains a mystery , but when we eventually arrived at Backakeldy , we were told that the coastguard had been alerted and that our mad passage across the barriers had been watched in amazement by worried would-be rescuers .
14 We eventually arrived in Dunkirk at 2.00pm with a three hour wait until our ferry sailed .
15 Well , no , we are governed by our Annual General Meeting , but it 's not unrealistic to ask for double figures , because basically we were talking in that vein last year , and of course we eventually settled for 8.8 .
16 A sort of cat and mouse game followed , especially going up the long hill , but we eventually settled on a dead heat .
17 Though tired and weary , we impulsively dived into the cold sea , hoping the ever-curious seals would join us .
18 Seated opposite each other , we naturally began by discussing the ‘ crisis ’ .
19 Consequently , first thing in the morning when we were all trying to get ready , we constantly got in each other 's way .
20 So , still roped from the crevasse fields , we gingerly crawled to the top .
21 We obviously put in a few more details …
22 But we only went for half a day at that period and then for a month or so then the troops went away again , we got back into our own school .
23 We only went for two days .
24 We only went through
25 erm there is criticism that erm we only went into this war because of oil interests .
26 I used to , no I only went away on er , we only went to Rotterdam once , that 's all .
27 Well we 've we only went to the if you like the training session of the er erm participants yesterday and we 've got our next meeting on the 22nd February that I 've invited you to at .
28 Mind yer , we only went in the cheapest seats .
29 We only got off the unit for exercise about twice a week .
30 Unfortunately we only got within 15km from the town .
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