Example sentences of "she [vb mod] [adv] [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 I bet she 'll probably side with you .
2 I 've got to solve it or she 'll just re-route me to some tedious filing-clerk 's job !
3 and the other one was erm a mother of two and she said that even when she was younger she was always overweight and she could never sort of go out with anybody nice and she just settled for anybody sort of thing , I felt sorry for her husband , mind you saying this like , cos he looked a bit thick and er
4 Since it was Dane 's name on the hoardings which had sold out the theatre on opening night and for several weeks to come , Josh 's kindness brought a painful lump to her throat , and she could only gaze at him in mute gratitude .
5 For a second she could only gaze at him , completely at a loss .
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