Example sentences of "as it is for " in BNC.

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1 But it is accepted by physicalists of all kinds that the meaning or semantic value of internal states must be analysed in terms of their causal relations to stimulus and response , just as it is for the behaviourist 's dispositions , and is not something they possess in their own right , or of themselves .
2 Waiting lists are known to be an inaccurate indicator of need , as many doctors do not refer patients if they know the wait will be long ( this is as true for instance for hearing aids as it is for hip replacements ) .
3 For him , to discover a new writer of genius is as satisfying an experience , as it is for a lesser man to believe that he has written a great work of genius himself .
4 This is as true for those who , like those in FYT 's full-time staff team , serve God 's servants , as it is for those who are at the sharpest end .
5 Hard as it is for bosses to accept it , head office delivers many services in the same way as would an outside subcontractor .
6 Finding different ways to describe a miserable unchanging pattern is becoming as difficult for the car market as it is for the weather men .
7 WP It will inevitably be confusing for those in Eastern Europe who mistake the rhetoric of Western ideology for the reality of economic life — just as it is for many in the West .
8 This discovery did not prove to be particularly useful because the metabolite is a mycotoxin and mildly carcinogenic , illustrating that toxicological testing is just as important for natural products as it is for synthetic chemicals .
9 This is as true for attempts to change the nature of the management process itself as it is for the more obvious areas of change management .
10 Designer shops rub shoulders with gourmet restaurants and the promenade is as much for dressing up and meeting people as it is for enjoying the glorious views .
11 The longevity of any one copy of a meme is probably relatively unimportant , as it is for any one copy of a gene .
12 ‘ We 've always done it this way ’ is as daft an excuse for an industrial manufacturing process which has become fossilised as it is for saying that fossils have a life of their own .
13 It will be impractical to fix a levy that is as fair for the three million owners of normal-speed machines as it is for future owners of half-speed machines .
14 During this period the family unit becomes the natural social grouping , as it is for these highly protective swans ( opposite , bottom ) .
15 When the background is a single colour , this is a simple matter , as it is for this yellow crab spider crouching in wait for a prey to arrive on the marigold flower .
16 As we have seen , there are distinct limitations on what can be achieved by way of conditions on a planning permission ; this can often be as awkward for the developer as it is for the planning authority .
17 Acquiring a good interview technique is as important for people employing one person to work directly for them as it is for those who will be taking on large numbers to work for a company .
18 The secure knowledge of a parent 's presence is the precondition for such exploration , as it is for satisfying curiosity and for sharing new experiences .
19 It is just as much an abuse of the process of the House for opposition to seek to talk out or filibuster , as it is for government to stifle opposition .
20 You come and go with your offerings of help and affection , knowing that what they really need is a constant presence , and sometimes this knowledge can be as painful for you as it is for them .
21 His respect for other faiths is as strong as it is for his own faith .
22 Remove the skin and white pith and eat as it is for a simple , refreshing dessert .
23 Well , if you have a problem after , say , the tenth month after purchase , you will be too late for any claim under the Sale Of Goods Act , but you will still have a claim under your guarantee — as long as it is for more than ten months , and providing you sent off the registration card !
24 We thus tend to think of ourselves as machines , and when things go wrong treatment is organized along similar lines as it is for our machines — servicing , repairing and patching as dictated by the appearance of aches , pains and loss of function .
25 Thank you very much for the balaclava pattern , unfortunately my machine is a Toyota 858 so this is no use as it is for a Pfaff or Passap Duomatic .
26 International exposure is as much a requirement for cultural development as it is for sport ’ .
27 In their original context both stories had a different significance , but it was as impossible for fourteenth century Christians to experience the Christian revelation in the same way as the first Christians as it is for us today .
28 If freedom is made an absolute , as it is for example in the writings of Milton Friedman and Friedrich Hayek , such that it is impossible on intellectual grounds to place limits on the exercise of freedom , the result is an economic system shorn of justice .
29 It was as difficult for them to develop a public analysis of rape eight years ago as it is for them today publicly to acknowledge the extent of sexual abuse of girls and young women inside and outside the home .
30 And , naturally a leather suite is as notable for its longlasting looks as it is for its enduring comfort .
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