Example sentences of "had been some time " in BNC.

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1 It had been some time since I had visited Ingleborough , so last summer I went back with a couple of friends to rediscover some of its hidden treasures .
2 But obviously the revolution had been some time in the making .
3 It had been some time since they had had the chance for such indulgences .
4 But , city dweller as she had always been , she had been aware of every sound — the gentle lapping noises of the canal against the side of the boat , the small night sounds of birds and other creatures , and it had been some time before weary body and brain relaxed .
5 It had been some time now since the old pilots had been in a dog-fight , and Killion for one was sweating heavily by the time he landed .
6 Whichever way , she probably had n't given it much thought at the time and it had been some time later when her mother had told her that he had left the country and gone abroad to work .
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