Example sentences of "had been for [noun] " in BNC.

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1 The call had been for Hank , and had been from one of his classmates , who said that he just wanted to inquire how Hank was .
2 Paul climbed the stairs in trepidation ; had he made some mistake in the corrections , blind with pain as he had been for part of the day ?
3 The intention at that time had been for Ian and myself to return to Uist by the ferry in the afternoon but the weather was so bad that the ferryman decided not to chance his luck in the storm .
4 The longing he 'd kindled within her had been for love — his love .
5 He had no idea what an effort it had been for Topaz to keep up the easy flow of chatter .
6 He noted that the agreement had been for DEC to increase its stake in Olivetti to 10% in July 1994 , but found a means whereby it could make good on its commitment earlier than expected .
7 The original proposal had been for PR in the cities but this was opposed by Unionists who were concerned to protect the efficacy of the business vote ; Central Office also opposed the alternative vote when it was put forward in the debates , and the majority of Unionist MPs and the National Union never backed either system .
8 All her feelings had been for Gerry , with the coal-pitted hands , who had never harmed a soul .
9 Police reports suggested that the countryside was more quiescent than it had been for generations .
10 But that had been for women with no man to protect them , so they had to do whatever they could and were respected for it .
11 In his pronouncements , science was no longer subordinate to theology in the way it had been for Roger Bacon , Thomas Aquinas , or Nicole Oresme .
12 Lewis , whose youthful enthusiasm had been for Norse sagas and the verse tales of William Morris , seems to have been converted to Christianity by considering whether the Christian myth might not , after all ‘ be something more than a fiction .
13 Such survivals in attitude and custom , however , can not obscure the fact that the fundamental direction of European society had been for decades moving increasingly into the hands of a bourgeoisie whose assumptions were at bottom not those of aristocratic society , even if it aped aristocratic style .
14 That first contract had been for America , and then came Russia , France , Italy , Germany , South America , the list is endless .
15 In this process of adaptation , what was really wanted was European power : the demands of the Hundred Days had been for arms , railways and schools .
16 It made little difference that these needles had been for injections and not for some sinister Chinese purpose .
17 For many lifetimes railway practice had been for locomotives and rolling stock to be downgraded or ‘ cascaded ’ from front line to secondary services .
18 But the issue was still a tactical one , as it had been for Marx ; national liberation was a means to support or obstruct the unity of the working class and the achievement of socialist revolution in Russia , not a matter of general principle .
19 But for Nietzsche " art as a whole " and " the Hellenic sphere " were simply not separable , any more than they had been for Winckelmann .
20 Most of his earlier stage designs had been for opera , and the latest of them , Simon Boccanegra , had been the big hit of the preceding season .
21 To be sure , one could sympathize with the sentiments of some of those penitents who refused themselves pleasures because the Emperor , saviour of mankind , could experience no pleasure whatever , locked as he had been for millennia in his prosthetic throne …
22 They used computers instead of quill pens , but the outcome of their labours was still the same as it had been for centuries — trade , the buying and selling of things that other people made .
23 At least until 1917 , and to some extent even until 1945 , Europe was the decisive arena of world power , as it had been for centuries .
24 In 1817 England was still , as it had been for centuries , an agricultural nation , only 20 per cent of the population living in towns .
25 In the eighteenth century the possession of land was still , as it had been for centuries , the only firm basis of influence and power .
26 1992/93 maintenance had been for file-servers , high-performance PCs , and critical laser printers only .
27 He was drinking like a fish , and had been for weeks .
28 Such an attitude required fresh springs of energy , and the effect — I was delighted to sense it as I woke each day — was to make me more bouncy and mettlesome than I had been for weeks .
29 This shows that Anselm was quite as ready to face exile for the primacy as he had been for obedience to the pope .
30 In cases where marriage has been discussed , pregnancy is not unwelcome , and may even have been anticipated , as it had been for Claire , who married her husband when she was five months pregnant .
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