Example sentences of "not be seen to " in BNC.

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1 ‘ We can not be seen to be throwing more resources at solving this murder , but the truth is , that is what we are doing . ’
2 ‘ However , the law must not be seen to be an ass .
3 County freeholders , often indiscriminately styled ‘ barons ’ , as indeed some of them were , whose estates had been erected into free baronies by a crown charter , were gentlemen landowners of the shire , the direct vassals of the crown , and most of them were fully conscious of holding a social position which demanded that they should not be seen to be in any man 's pocket .
4 The market can not be seen to be a neutral , fair process whose structure simply permits participants to exercise free choice in negotiating and concluding exchange transactions .
5 In these circumstances they can not be seen to be sacrificing their independence for that would undermine their claims to being objective in taking decisions at work .
6 We must try to help ourselves to come to terms with the changes in farming , but if the present position persists , farmers in rural areas will not be seen to be working in line with the avowed aim of my right hon. Friend the Minister of a good environmental policy mixed with good farming .
7 However , morally speaking , the nature of these states can not be seen to be catering for the betterment of the broad masses but the consolidation of a ruling groups power .
8 The daughter of Samuel Roberts , quite simply , could not be seen to be involved .
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