Example sentences of "and [conj] it [verb] " in BNC.

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1 By that time the flame was also very thin , and where it touched the wall the molten rock spat and ran .
2 And this , in spite of some effort on my part to prevent it , led to the subject of science fiction , and where it had gone since the original efforts of Swift and Verne and H. G. Wells .
3 But the distance from where the tank now sat blocking the way at the head of the stairs , and where it had to be , at the end of the landing , was too great for them to shift it .
4 In other words , the Board of Trade could more or less control the Service , co-operating with other agencies when and where it thought necessary , although those LEAs which had or might have in the future statutory powers for dealing with juveniles were permitted to submit schemes for the exercise of these powers , provided they could obtain the permission of both Boards .
5 The road resumes , and where it curves ,
6 Practice Richard Ashworth and ors v Berkeley-Walbrook Ltd ; CA ( Russell , Stuart-Smith LJJ ) ; 27 Sept 1989 As a general rule , where a counterclaim could properly be relied on as a set-off and where it arose out of the same subject matter as the claim , the counterclaiming defendant ought not to be required to give security for costs of that counterclaim unless there were exceptional circumstances .
7 It was conceded that where the attitude of respect is based on false assumptions and on nothing else , and where it does not cohere with the person 's other attitudes and beliefs , it can not be the foundation of authority .
8 ‘ ( 2 ) The Company may , in accordance with section 251 of the Act and any regulations made under it , send a summary financial statement to any member instead of or in addition to the documents referred to in paragraph ( 1 ) above ; and where it does so , the statement shall be delivered or sent by post to the member not less than twenty-one clear days before the annual general meeting before which those documents are to be laid . ’
9 Lamping , involving the use of running dogs , is after-harvest night activity which can be continued through the winter in those situations where cover is sparse and where it does n't interfere with anything else .
10 I mean that box on the left hand side there could be Ralph Gardener Community High School and where it says science or maths or whatever
11 Go on I tell you what why do n't you flip it over and start on the other side , even though it says this side done , this is an old tape from a seismograph and er we were afraid to use it in our work but I think the sound 's alright on it , you flip it over and where it says this side down , put that side up and use the other half of the tape and let me hear your comments back .
12 The tenth of February , and where it says objectives , if you have any specific objectives then you can write those in but
13 The women 's movement and the Equal Opportunities Commission have assiduously pointed out unequal treatment of men and women in the marriage relationship when and where it occurs .
14 In other words we need to know what we 've received , what we 've spent and where it belongs i within the organization .
15 When and where it met , the times it opened and closed , the people who were present , apologies for absence , actions it was agreed should be taken and the names of the individuals who will take responsibility .
16 It is called Fifth Street , and where it meets Blackhills Road is Horden Conservative Club .
17 He never ceased to wonder at the irony of expecting miracles from a reliquary in which her bones had once lain for only three days and nights , before being returned reverently to her native Welsh earth ; and even more to be wondered at , the infinite mercy that had transmitted grace through all those miles between , forgiven the presence of a sorry human sinner in the coffin she had quitted , and let the radiance of miracle remain invisibly about her altar , unpredictable , accessible , a shade wanton in where it gave and where it denied , as the stuff of miracles is liable to be , at least to the human view .
18 TMP extension ) , which tells the operating system where the original file came from , and where it needs to be put back .
19 Any models between where the ball strikes the ground and where it comes to land are hit .
20 For a considerable time , at least some of us have questioned where the IRA is trained and where it comes from .
21 In the end , the chapter on Searle takes the reader through his thought showing where it agrees with , and where it diverges from , Austin .
22 A harsh , chilling light shone through the soul , and where it shone , in its wake the ultimate darkness began to gather .
23 I was determined to return as soon as I had taken my degree , to follow the Awash river into the fabulous Sultanate of Aussa and discover how and where it ended .
24 I wanted as far as possible to forearm the boy at the beginning of adolescence — not ramming a weapon into his hand willy-nilly , but showing him the size and shape of it and where it lies in such a way that he would take it up without realizing he was doing so and find himself using it when he needed to .
25 It is also a question of understanding power itself , how it is exerted and where it lies .
26 The general effect of these four differences between health and education in relation to economic growth is that it has proved far more difficult and controversial to measure the impact of health on economic growth and where it has been attempted the effects have been estimated to be lower than those resulting from education .
27 It is the recognition of this principle and its implications which is particularly characteristic of Labov 's approach to data : ‘ for the section of speech being examined all occurrences of a given variant are noted , and where it has been possible to define the variables as a closed set of variants , all non-occurrences in the relevant environments ’ ( Labov 1982a : 30 ) .
28 Recall the requirements of this principle ( cf. 6.1 ) that ‘ all occurrences of a given variant are noted , and where it has been possible to define the variable as a closed set of variants , all non-occurrences of the variant in the relevant circumstances ’ ( Labov 1982a : 30 ) .
29 The very demarcation between those types of cases where it has been and where it has not been utilised is , in itself , informative .
30 To forecast where the economy is heading , economists need information on where it is now , and where it has been in the recent past .
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