Example sentences of "and [verb] [art] same " in BNC.

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1 The pair became good friends and shared the same haughty view of their futures .
2 ‘ Yet we still sat next to each other on the team bus and shared the same room .
3 Both were just 23 and shared the same love of horses , fresh air and country pursuits .
4 If there were two designers they must have worked closely together and shared the same highly trained team of executants .
5 This culture , and all subsequent isolates that were identified as the epidemic strain , belonged to bacteriocin type S3/P0:ribotype A , and shared the same CHEF profile .
6 During World War Two , the fortunes of those two bomber squadrons bore striking similarities , they arrived together in 1943 and left together in 1945 , they flew the same type of aircraft , Halifax and Lancaster , and shared the same operations .
7 You ca n't almost die and remain the same person you were before .
8 ( 3 ) Return to the starting position and repeat the same movement on the opposite side .
9 for two weeks switching over after two weeks and repeat the same process , at the same time the other two groups will be doing personal statements .
10 I find they resemble grit and taste the same — even the health store from which I bought them could not enlighten me .
11 She pushed it back , and wiped the same hand on the Beatrix Potter apron Harriet had made her for her birthday .
12 I was just going out when a man came in and asked the same question .
13 Rye grass is coarse and flat-leaved , and fulfils the same function in a sward as petrol-like grain spirit in cheap Scotch whisky .
14 Local pickers at Ferryside , near Carmarthen , declared war against ‘ invaders ’ who turned up with lorries to ‘ muscle in ’ and harvest the same mudbank at low tide .
15 Here we have operating in the same geographical area , in the same economic environment and manufacturing the same product , on the one hand enterprises organised as industrial co-operatives and on the other as conventional firms .
16 Yes , you whine and you wring your hands , but then you go back and make the same mistakes .
17 The matter has received our closest and most careful consideration and although the details were worked on in 1886 for another canal in the Manchester district ( but not used ) they are all to all intents and purposes equally applicable to the Grand Union Canal , when that canal is improved , to be of the same working capacity as the Grand Junction Canal and to carry the same vessels .
18 From any solution of this equation we can generate equivalent solutions by changing coordinates ; they are equivalent because the measurable tidal effects are determined by the difference in h at two places and remain the same whatever the choice of coordinates .
19 A few other Labour MPs lent support , and met the same fate — notably Charles Trevelyan , last of the surviving ex-UDC Liberals in the Parliamentary Party .
20 Okay , just about it now Okay , gon na ask each group what marks they 've given and why , now it 's not for the other team to justify it because it 's all a subjective thing but the thing is we 're hopefully marking them against the same criteria as everybody else because we 've all been in the same place and listened to the same things and read the same things , however , now we know obviously it does n't necessarily mean that everybody 's taken in the same things .
21 Running around in circles and seeing the same old thing defeats half the purpose .
22 Begin with the questions that are obvious to you and using the same method move on to devise questions which will tell you more complex information about the candidate .
23 All historical financial information provided in the Memorandum has been prepared from and using the same accounting policies as the financial records of the Group .
24 It may be possible to combine these functions by re-editing material for the sell-through market and using the same company , thus making the whole exercise more cost-effective .
25 Scientists believe human laughter has an evolutionary origin and is linked with monkeys who grin and display the same shoulder-shaking signs .
26 Check to see that they are secure and looped the same way on each half of the kite .
27 If you do n't have all the ingredients for the curry sauce , you could add a can of prepared curry sauce to the beef and chopped vegetables and simmer the same way .
28 Afterwards he dipped his own thumb into the bowl and made the same yellow mark on Chola 's forehead .
29 What with those tutors , hers is English English , her friends ’ English ; she did the same things and made the same jokes and had the qualities they admired — the post-Edwardians , the young new Georgians of her set , her sets — dash , courage , brilliance , intellectual freedom .
30 Leonard Aldous used the same tools and made the same type of harness as his predecessors did in medieval times .
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