Example sentences of "at the [adj] time " in BNC.

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1 Advances in electronic and micro processors enabling fuel to be delivered in the right quantity and at the optimum time in the combustion process now allow an efficiency to be achieved that Dr Rudolf Diesel could never have dreamed of in 1892 .
2 I arrived there at the due time and waited and waited , but no corporal appeared .
3 This is an author who has contributed to the Russia which has come after him — to the emergence there , at the present time , of the demand for a lawful Opposition , for the duality of democracy .
4 At the present time , it has become attenuated but not extinct , and it continues in the long review-articles in the new York Review of Books and London Review of Books , and a few other periodicals .
5 I think it true to say that at the present time it is not at all difficult for academics to appear in print .
6 At the present time interpretation , often of a narrow and unrewarding kind , flourishes , usually though falsely claimed on publishers ' blurbs to be saying something completely new and important .
7 At the present time , there is much interest in the English past , evoked in exhibitions commemorating historical events , and evident in the spread of museums and the great popularity of visiting country homes .
8 The future It was peculiarly difficult to predict future trends at the present time when it was anticipated that there would be a major re-distribution of work in the trial courts in consequence of legislation to give effect to the recommendations of the Civil Justice Review .
9 At the present time , as we have described , the problem with daytime sleep is believed to be only that it is too short .
10 It is important to recognize that an identical project promoted at the present time would not offer good value for money in comparison with a new-build scheme .
11 Probably the most common type of conversion project at the present time is the adaptation of a mill or warehouse into a block of dwellings .
12 At the present time your plenty will supply what they need ; so that in turn their plenty will supply what you need .
13 The EC Commission said much the same in its submission to the Energy Committee : ‘ At the present time the FBR is the only reactor type which could , if introduced early enough , extend the lifetime of our uranium resources to the end of the next century — and beyond . ’
14 It is not possible here to say more about the different types of trust which are commonly created at the present time , nor of the powers and duties of the trustees , nor of the methods of administration .
15 The despair in the air was particularly dense at the present time , though its monetarist perpetrators were now fighting a rearguard action against the rest of Europe .
16 At the same time these results are likely to be slow , and if we are right in our conclusion that we are faced at the present time with a certain amount of abnormal employment of a quasi-permanent character , then it is not sufficient to solely rely on the gradual improvement of productive efficiency .
17 It would be particularly appropriate at the present time to pay more attention to this aspect , and to obtain better information about crofters ' levels of living , including the subsistence component and remittances from emigrants .
18 Unfortunately , at the present time , there appears to be a marked lack of systematic attempts to create a focus on community and rural development within formal education .
19 At the present time , it is very desperate , or I would not bother you .
20 There is little in the Outer Hebrides at the present time which can be described as natural woodland .
21 Although no separate figures are yet available on short-term care facilities , the consensus is that they are inadequate at the present time .
22 If however it is felt that some of our members are n't being catered for at the present time please let the group organisers know so that , if possible , adjustments may be made .
23 In her anxiety not to ‘ assist ’ the nationalistic bourgeoisie of Poland , Rosa Luxemburg , by her denial of the right of secession in the programme of the Russian Marxists is , in fact , assisting the Great Russian Black Hundreds ( extreme Right ) ; she is in fact assisting … the nationalism of the Great Russians … the most formidable at the present time : it is precisely the one that is less bourgeois and more feudal , and it is precisely the one that acts as the principal brake on democracy and the proletarian struggle .
24 Just at the present time everything looks so fresh .
25 Similar displacements occurred and Africans were confined to reserves in Kenya , or to tribal trust lands in Zimbabwe ( Southern Rhodesia ) and at the present time in the Bantustans by the Republic of South Africa .
26 At the present time the strength of the Catholic and nationalist forces in the North lies in their political discipline and restraint .
27 As pointed out by the collector and historian van Mander writing in 1604 , ‘ Whoever so desires nowadays has only to go to Prague to the greatest art patron in the world at the present time ; there he may see at the Imperial residence a remarkable number of outstanding and precious , curious , unusual , and priceless works . ’
28 The reasons for this are not clear , but at the present time two diseases in particular , syphilis and type-B viral hepatitis , seem to be largely the preserve of the male homosexual .
29 Less than 5 per cent of sticky eyes in newborn babies are caused by the gonococcus in the United Kingdom at the present time , although it is more common in other parts of the world .
30 At the present time it can be inoculated into laboratory animals , in which it will multiply , and will produce an illness similar to the human disease in the higher apes .
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