Example sentences of "he [vb mod] [verb] [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 Francis wondered whether he ought to mention money , then decided it was too soon .
2 In determining whether the defendants ought to be held liable under the rule in Rylands v. Fletcher , the learned judge considered that he ought to pay regard to ( i ) the quantities of combustible materials which the defendants brought onto the land ; ( ii ) the way in which they stored them ; and ( iii ) the character of the neighbourhood .
3 He was thinking that perhaps he ought to warn Rain where the MacQuillan case was leading .
4 It was North who , by his own account , rushed into Reagan 's television room during the evacuation of American students from Grenada in 1983 , desperate that the students might forget ( on network television ) to be grateful for the American invasion that had freed them ; when the first student said ‘ Thank God for America ’ , Reagan hugged him , and told him he ought to have faith .
5 If he has the support of the prime minister and main political colleagues , he can decide any matter which comes before him as he may think expedient .
6 ( 11 ) If a licensing board is not elected at the time at which it ought to be elected , or an insufficient number of members is elected for a board , the Secretary of State may by order provide for the holding of an election or elections for supplying such fault or deficiency in election at such times and in such manner as he may think expedient .
7 Even though he may pay lip service to the idea that there are probably many breaks not yet discovered , nevertheless almost every geologist seems to accept the above doctrine , albeit subconsciously .
8 If the retailer wants to find out about sales figures , for example , he may present information as a bar chart .
9 Where the summons has been so sent by post and returned to the court office undelivered , notice of non-service ( N 216 ) is sent to the plaintiff saying that he may request bailiff service .
10 Or he may marry money .
11 The student may seek escape in passivity and make only perfunctory efforts to learn the target language ; or he may express antagonism by making no effort to adopt the correct pronunciation or by a deliberate use of native language patterns in the target language .
12 And Coppell himself gave the Roker manager further cause for relief when he stamped out speculation that he may quit Palace .
13 Eventually , he may feel parliament is expendable .
14 In one case Julian discusses a manumission ‘ let Pamphilus be free , so that he may give account to my sons ’ ( Pamphilus liber esto , ita ut filiis meis rationem reddat ) .
15 Under section 245A , where copies of the annual accounts have been sent out , laid , or delivered to the Registrar and it appears to the Secretary of State that there is or may be a question whether they comply with the Act he may give notice to the directors indicating the respects in which it appears to him that the question may arise and specifying a period of not less than one month for the directors to give him explanations or prepare revised accounts .
16 He may make life unpleasant for the rest of us , but he wo n't smash the magic cup before he 's drunk from it good and deep .
17 The great warrior Arjuna has battlefield doubts whether he may make war on his own kin , and his mentor Krishna tells him victory and defeat are the same , and he must fight without desire .
18 That at his will he may do danger with .
19 That as his will he may do danger with . ’
20 Crown him that/And then I grant we put a sting in him/That at his will he may do danger with
21 Such a man shall be exposed to wind and weather , suspended between the high and low tidemarks , from night until morning — so that he may take time to consider his wickedness , and repent … . ’
22 He may take office during a period of crisis when the American people are willing to suspend their paranoia about leadership .
23 When the patient restarts driving , he may gain confidence by having lessons through one of the major driving schools , such as the British School of Motoring ( BSM ) , which have specialist instructors for people with physical handicaps who are learning or relearning driving .
24 If he survived the war and should ever read these words , I hope he may resume contact after nearly fifty years .
25 In doing so , he may lose sight of the fact that conversational discourse is dynamic , and that his data represents a process .
26 His son has gone off to London , and he worries that he may lose touch with him .
27 It is better for the patient to use a shallow cup rather than a deeper mug , partly to prevent an excessive fluid intake , and partly because he may have difficulty in judging the depth of a mug and so may tend to spill his drink .
28 He may have knowledge of them .
29 He is only forty-two but it is feared he may have tuberculosis .
30 Boswell argues back that ‘ A man , as a machine , may have agreeable sensations ; for instance he may have pleasure in music . ’
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