Example sentences of "be seen to be " in BNC.

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1 They focus not on areas of need but on areas where they want to be seen to be giving , and that 's usually where the spotlight happens for the moment to be falling .
2 As we saw in the chapter dealing with rules , it is not enough for your punch to be an effective scoring technique ; it must be seen to be so , and this entails making its success obvious .
3 The induction in the core is magnified by the high permeability , except in the saturation regions where the result can be seen to be a trapezoidal induction waveform ( Fig. 3 ) .
4 Some of Ferguson 's tries had to be seen to be believed .
5 The bishops will betray that which is entrusted to them ; and the irresponsible silliness of the Synod will be seen to be sinful .
6 The international community , which has expressed overwhelming support for President Barco 's offensive , is under pressure to be seen to be doing something to help , and quickly .
7 Everyone agrees that something will have to be seen to be done before the next annual general meeting in February .
8 Such previously unimaginable impertinences must not only be done by the book : they must be seen to be too .
9 The avalanche of red tape surrounding events such as this ( the entire population of New Delhi appears to be employed handing out forms to fill in ) has to be seen to be believed , and it is by no means certain that , come 1 November , there will be any paper left to provide the winners with their cheque .
10 The visitors could be seen to be bewitched at the learning about the cathedral coming out of such callow lips .
11 In other words , the focus of Gironella 's attention is neither historically nor iconographically arbitrary , although in some ways his reworkings of the paintings of others could be seen to be simply an extension of a fairly conventional activity .
12 The Academy , after all , must be seen to be on the side of law and order .
13 He also knew that if Clasper was to be toppled from his influential position as plant convener — which was essential to the long term recovery of the plant — he would have to be seen to be toppled by his own members , acting in their own interests .
14 It is also considered indecent for couples to be seen to be intimate in public because sex should be a private affair , only between man and wife .
15 The pursuers were keeping up as best they could but held little hope of catching him , though at the first fence on the second circuit — the seventeenth in the race — Red Rum could be seen to be keeping on gamely .
16 The fabric of our society would be seen to be the ridiculous thing it is .
17 In Opposition , of course , you have to criticise harder but that criticism has to be seen to be reasonable if you are to succeed .
18 Chirac had to be seen to be making concessions to his defeated rival Le Barre in order to get Le Barre 's support for the run-off against Mitterand .
19 For North , however , to be seen among the local people , to be seen to be doing good generally , even if vaguely , was an essential ingredient in a just war .
20 He wanted the contras to be seen to be dying for their cause , emphasizing both how desperate it was , and how just .
21 The fate of seven ‘ Amcits ’ , a Frenchman and two ‘ Brits ’ was not compelling enough to be seen to be driving policy ; something much more portentous was needed .
22 It has to be seen to be more socially responsible , to make people feel more comfortable about owning a Rolls . ’
23 But even Rolls-Royce must be seen to be moving with the times .
24 Kenyon seems , at this early stage , to wish to be seen to be treading very warily .
25 Four of the relieving kicks he launched in this match had to be seen to be believed , particularly as he varied his kicking foot .
26 Mr Andrew Cammish , representing Shaun Williams , had told them : ‘ Justice must be seen to be done as well as be done and it is my duty to bring any particular irregularity to the court 's attention .
27 No doubt Cardiff feel that they have to be seen to be doing something to restore both their fortunes and their credibility and that the something should be suitably dramatic .
28 For instance , what the Harlequins are doing with Troy Coker at the moment may be legal but it bears no relation to what the law should be or to what it should be seen to be .
29 The school does need to be seen to be taking a sensible and fairly consistent line or doubts will be raised about the strength of school management and accusations of double standards will fly .
30 The scientists too must be seen to be helpful .
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