Example sentences of "be time [prep] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 But , even when people have had spells of very bad illness , they may still live for many years and there will be time for them to make good plans for their children .
2 Soon it will be time for them to do it again .
3 When the time comes an' I ca n't lift a hundredweight of sugar or me old black pan , then it 'll be time for me to retire upstairs for good . ’
4 ‘ It 'll be time for me to go and collect Maria soon — ‘
5 It 'll soon be time for me to write again .
6 She had a point ; the sports clothes were in the first part of the programme — there should be time for her to change into the wedding dress for the finale .
7 It will be time for something completely different on Saturday when Sid Kipper brings his simple country wisdom to the West Cliff .
8 ‘ What are you drinking ? ’ he asked , going on to apologise that he would have to leave them shortly since it would be time for his surgery .
9 Have a go with the wood , here 's the wood , write Michelle the answer 's no , but later on I 'm sure there 'll be time for you to do it too .
10 If I do n't get back and find Jeff soon it 'll be time for my last bus and I ca n't go without seeing him .
11 ‘ It 'll soon be time for us to take control , seriously . ’
12 ‘ There will be time for us to have a look round Westminster Abbey , ’ said Lady Selvedge , not in the least disturbed by the upsetting little incident of the pudding .
13 ‘ It 'll soon be time for your afternoon lesson . ’
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