Example sentences of "be for some [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 You 're growing up , yes , but you 're not grown-up and you wo n't be for some time , and in the meantime you 're still my girl .
2 Could you please make these adjustments for the next matrix list which I realise will not be for some time and , in fact , by that time Karen will be off on maternity leave but I leave it to you whether you want to slot in Joan and Jane for that period .
3 Finally , the market square in Aylesbury is still closed for major work and obviously will be for some time , and you need to still avoid that area .
4 This approach , far from just offering a comfortable sense of hand-holding , serves as an excellent safety net , as it helps us to identify at an early stage where a trainee 's progress may be for some reason deficient , and to take whatever steps may be needed to rectify the situation .
5 Even when all intended partners of the new firm have indicated assent it will still be necessary to establish some order of seniority and to select the first senior partner : though joint senior partners are not unknown , the better arrangement may be for some restriction to be put upon the time that office is held by any one individual so that by rotating it between the participating firms a reasonable balance is achieved .
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