Example sentences of "be [vb pp] any [adj] " in BNC.

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1 I do n't I do n't think that the the er four thing bumf thing that includes that long list really need to be altered any more .
2 I spoke to a number of women who started their working lives in the grant-aided film and video sector , to find out whether the personal choices they had made could be given any wider significance .
3 She did not expect Diana to tell her friends or for Morton to be given any more secret details about the royals .
4 These factors make it unlikely that his dicta , even if accepted by other members of the Court , could be given any more general applicability .
5 ‘ The hard part is still to come and I know I wo n't be given any big money to strengthen the squad , even if we stay at the top .
6 And third , ministers will not be given any detailed information about MI5 's work .
7 One merely has to read its wording to see that it can not be given any sensible meaning in a context such as the present , where the mind and will of the defendants are also treated in law as the mind and will of ‘ the other . ’
8 Whereas the former leads into a philosophical cul de sac and can not be given any definitive answer , the latter indicates the kind of approach that promises to be illuminating and fruitful .
9 But , in keeping with Princess Anne 's past wishes , it is unlikely that he will be given any special title .
10 The A N C has reacted calmly to the charges ; it said Mrs Mandela should n't be given any special treatment , but western diplomatic sources in Johannesburg said earlier today , ‘ the trial will place strain on the negotiation process ’ .
11 equipment , and in ‘ first-world ’ country sees no excuse to continue fishing in this manner : ‘ The counter-arguments of a handful of fishermen ... not representative of the industry ... should not be given any particular weight .
12 On this the spokesman said , ‘ the Vulcan will no be flown any more ’ adding , ‘ it would be down to an acceptable purchaser to arrange for any ferrying . ’
13 I mean , I really I ca n't see why they 're gon na be treated any different ?
14 So I said I know what he 's like , comes back and he turns up he says we 're just off now , I said oh you 've come back then I thought you were a bit rude just storming out of the funeral and not saying cheerio to everyone , he said I 've been insulted long enough by your family , I would n't be , I was n't prepared to be insulted any more
15 ‘ I 've always resented the ideal of the frilly frock and girly giggle as the symbols of femininity — dungarees and big boots should not be considered any less female or feminine .
16 But , sitting in the wood-panelled living-room of the Birdman 's house on the little island of Mykines , listening to his tales of the sea and of the exploits of the Faroese fowlers of old , I could think of no reason why he should be considered any more hard or cruel than anyone who has ever eaten a chicken joint , a hamburger — or even a fish-finger !
17 There are bound to be some tears around the 4th and 10th but , with Jupiter in Libra for the first time in a decade , you can not allow yourself to be constrained any more .
18 Why should SPUC 's concern for the conceptus be deemed any less legitimate ?
19 Reason is more certain than revelation , and can not be made any more certain by it .
20 Again , they might be matched when you get 'em , but after a month of use , they wo n't be matched any more .
21 Again , they might be matched when you get 'em , but after a month of use , they wo n't be matched any more .
22 Marx believed that by the mid-nineteenth century workers in England could not easily be exploited any more than they were already : for example , the working day could not be any further extended .
23 happy with that er right good well those were the chairman 's er comments , matters arising from the minutes of the last A G M erm any further matters arising from the A G M , you probably do n't need to be told any other business comes later , this is purely on the minutes of the last A G M any matters arising ?
24 Then she grabs the waistband of my trousers and tugs , and a button pops across the room , and she yanks on that zip like it ai n't gon na be needed any more and she slips her hand inside my pants .
25 I will be 83 next week and just ca n't be bothered any more
26 I ca n't be bothered any more
27 I ca n't be bothered any more !
28 I figure that I 'm not going to be offered any more roles as the 41-year-old middleaged neurotic entering a crisis , 'cos I 'm not that any more and I do n't want to play that any more .
29 ca n't be helped any more .
30 As for the title , it could be called any one of John Russell 's names ; he had more than one as you will see .
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