Example sentences of "be [vb pp] at [adj] " in BNC.

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1 However , he refused to attach too much importance to these since they could be withdrawn at any time unless they were passed into law .
2 They earn interest in dinars , calculated at the current exchange rate , and the principal can normally be withdrawn at any time in the given foreign currency .
3 Only a small fraction of a bank 's total deposits will be withdrawn at any one time , and banks always make sure that they have the ability to meet their customers ' demands .
4 The Pathfinder Force should be on a different basis and these should consist of 45 sorties , but crews could be withdrawn at any time after the completion of 30 sorties .
5 At the start of a new production process , these plans may be altered at frequent intervals .
6 The typeface , size and style are set before the text is flowed , as are the margins but any or all of these can be altered at any stage .
7 It was executed by a travelling craftsman whose stock pattern can be recognized at other local houses .
8 The court may allow a request for a warrant of execution to be amended at any time to show the debtor 's amended address or place of levy ( Ord 15 , r 1(1) ( a ) ) .
9 Without a harbour , the islands would probably not be inhabited at all , as the land area is only about 250 hectares .
10 To ensure maximum signal swing the collector will be biased at half the available line voltage .
11 A comfortable position for writing when work needs to be undertaken at close range is in some respects more difficult to achieve than it is for reading .
12 All major companies have rules which permit investments below a certain scale to be undertaken at divisional level without head-office approval .
13 Housing requirements may alter as families move through life , and different types of financial commitments may be undertaken at different points in the life-cycle .
14 The MEI schedule is therefore the investment demand schedule , telling us the level of investment that will be undertaken at any given rate of interest .
15 There will be a price to be paid , but it 's not to be undertaken at any price .
16 To devote five chapters to intonation may seem excessive , but I feel that this is necessary since the subject is difficult and complex , and needs to be explained at considerable length if the explanation is to be intelligible .
17 It should be explained at this point that each university is funded at the full rate for only a core number of ‘ Fully Funded ’ students in each of 25 ‘ narrow ’ subject groups .
18 But Mr Hindmarh said no letters would be delayed at all .
19 Eggs produced by the adult female worms are passed in the faeces and can reach the infective stage containing the L2 ( Fig. 53 ) in as little as 10-14 days , although development may be delayed at low temperatures .
20 Please tell all your classes about the forthcoming course and arrange for a ‘ commercial ’ to be given at all rallies , lecture dems , etc .
21 Ideas and opinions about women 's issues and the degree of priority they should be given at this stage vary considerably , but it is more than apparent that there are many who now believe that a new society would be incomplete without changes in women 's position .
22 The directors therefore propose , as resolution No. 8 that authority be given at this years AGM to amend the rules of the Scheme so that the absolute limit will be increased to 9,260,761 shares representing 5% of the current issued share capital .
23 And some could be given at either level ?
24 It is therefore recommended that for optimal prophylaxis , a further treatment be given at 4-6 weeks post-lambing .
25 The Conservative Election victory in 1970 had removed , for the time being at least , the prospect of the School 's being compelled to join the Independent sector , and allowed thought to be given at some length as to what Independence might entail .
26 If hypnotics are prescribed , enough tablets for only a few nights should be given at any one time and the medication stopped once the period of distress is over .
27 At p. 700F , the court gave its approval to a shortened version of the direction ( which , in the court 's view , could properly be given at any stage ) .
28 Shortly afterwards , the Ministry of Health suggested that birth control information could be given at maternal and child welfare centres on medical grounds .
29 Thus treatment with salt ( or with freshwater for marine fish ) , formalin , quaternary ammonium compounds , malachite green , and antibiotics for example can be given at high dose for short duration , making them more effective against the disease organisms while offering a better safety margin to the fish through shorter contact time .
30 The cultivated reader sensed that he was being teased , and reacted accordingly — ‘ Whatever is too original will be hated at first ’ ( De Quincey ) .
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