Example sentences of "be [vb pp] to [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Yes , erm , erm obviously not made it very well , but erm , but the word acceptable ought to be altered to increased
2 The text flow can be interrupted at any time by clicking the mouse or the flow method can be altered to semi-automatic or back to manual by clicking in conjunction with the Command or Shift keys .
3 In another snub , the amount saved will be redirected to Labour councillors and MEPs .
4 Any resultant interest and penalty charges will have to be explained to dissatisfied clients .
5 For Oakeshott , modern collectivism is not to be traced to Hobbesian authoritarianism .
6 The schizophrenic 's and schizotypal individual 's hypersensitivity , which many clinicians have emphasised , can be traced to weak modulation of stimuli that impinge upon the mind , leading to an undue awareness of events — both internal and external — less available to others .
7 The development of paper money can be traced to economic and social developments in Western Europe during the 1600s .
8 This type of survey was first developed seriously in the United States , and its importance can similarly be traced to economic and social factors peculiar to that country at a particular stage in its history .
9 In each case the context-dependency can be traced to specific deictic expressions or indexicals .
10 It is true that the increasing scale of certain enterprises in post war Britain can be traced to speculative financial considerations ( primarily among those which Channon identifies as ‘ acquisitive diversifiers ’ ) , and that many such enterprises have failed to exploit economies of scale and have shown a poor record even in terms of profitability .
11 Dieter Schori in Das Floss in Ozeanien argues that occurrences of surfing elsewhere can all be traced to Polynesian influence .
12 The need to separate the functions of chairman and chief executive has been a raging debate in City of London parlours for the past couple or years , and companies at which the two roles are combined in one person have been under enormous pressure to accept a separation of powers : now the same debate could take off across the Atlantic as Compaq Computer Corp 's ( non-executive ) chairman Ben Rosen tells the House Telecommunications and Finance Subcommittee that the troubles that have beset some of America 's largest companies can be traced to cozy relationships between their boards and their chief executives — he declares that the boards of most US companies are chaired by the company 's chief executive , who picks the board members and controls the agenda — ‘ With an appropriate form of corporate governance , I fully believe that the current problems of IBM , Digital Equipment , Westinghouse and other major American corporations could have been addressed and probably solved far earlier with much reduced ill effects , ’ Rosen told the legislators , adding that a company 's chairman should be a ‘ truly outside independent director , ’ not the chief executive or a former chief executive , and that all board members , with the exception of the chief executive , should also be outsiders , who should get their directors ' fees in the form of shares or options .
13 Some elements may be traced to medieval times or even earlier , but in the main local government is a product of nineteenth-century urbanisation .
14 Descriptions of self-starvation among early religious ascetics suggest that some variant of anorexia nervosa may be traced to medieval times .
15 They have to decide what problems they can deal with and which need to be referred to outside specialists . ’
16 In such instances , after discussion with the patient when appropriate , these problems may be referred to other members of the health care team such as medical staff , dieticians , physiotherapists or social workers .
17 It was decided that , because of the specialized nature of patents and SSL 's lack of resources , detailed patent enquiries should , for the time being , be referred to other specialized agencies in Scotland .
18 In short , then , errors can be referred to social/communicative as well as psychological/cognitive causes .
19 I suggest that voices should not be entirely dissociated from the social context in which they function and that therefore all texts in modern spoken languages should be regarded as having ‘ the implication of utterance ’ , and be referred to typical participants in some generalised context of situation .
20 ‘ With her background it 'll be referred to Special Branch and Five … and that fiddled telephone … and Praeger without any background — we should have left his wallet , but they 'll trace something about him anyway — and then we can admit we went to see her — once — and what we talked about and there we are . ’
21 They have always to be referred to pedagogic decision .
22 All indemnity queries however will continue to be referred to Head Office Branch Claims for a decision .
23 All queries or doubts concerning breaches of Warranty should be referred to Head Office Branch Claims immediately for a decision .
24 It is only proposed to make a very brief reference to this complicated subject as the majority of collision cases will be referred to Head Office Claims — at least initially .
25 Now the details of the case will be referred to senior officers of the Gloucestershire police force in the light of the trial judge 's observations
26 It follows that any proposal for change would be referred to customary ways of thinking , and this provides for the possibility of operational techniques which realize new ideas being devised as an extension of existing practices .
27 There was , therefore , a strong and general assumption that the highest diplomatic appointments , and particularly those in the major capitals or in which a strong ceremonial and symbolic element was still involved ( notably the embassies of the Catholic powers to the papacy ) should normally be given to great aristocrats .
28 ‘ As I have said , the suspension of payments will be only temporary , and when the social security system has been overhauled , special consideration will be given to deserving groups .
29 And although it was always the hope that the county would continue to fund the project , and that every secondary school would eventually receive a grant of one sort or another , uncertainty meant that no guarantee could be given to disappointed schools as to their inclusion in a subsequent wave .
30 It is available now but supplies are not huge and priority will be given to prized customers .
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