Example sentences of "you 've [been] give " in BNC.

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1 That does n't last for ever , and it 's not easy to psych yourself up to get another job after you 've been given the push .
2 Recall praise and criticism you 've been given .
3 Besides being allowed to play mistress of this house for years , you 've been given a good allowance .
4 When you 've been given a fine brain like I have , you 've got to use it .
5 Suppose , for example , you 've been given a problem to work on by one of your teachers .
6 ‘ On the other hand , if you 're a character actress you 're allowed much more freedom to question the role you 've been given , and to go more deeply into it to find a means of playing the part .
7 So you are therefore paralysed and , hopefully , because of the anaesthetic you 've been given in the form of gas , things like er halothane , er enfluorane Come in .
8 And usually you 'll work with the angle that you 've been given rather
9 If you 've been given a voucher because you have a low income , the value of your voucher may be reduced .
10 17 You 've been given an award for your services to natural history .
11 What I 'd say to you is , do n't mess up and throw away the opportunity you 've been given , because if you do you 'll only have yourself to blame .
12 You 've been given a reprieve .
13 Right , okay , so has everybody created a constant right , what we are going to do now is to er estimate the first model right equation one on the sheets that you 've been given , alright , you 've created a constant , we 've got our variables L N T C L N I L N P
14 Cos if you were asked as , as , as a person by , by a manager or by somebody else to , to actually do the training , then it 's your responsibility is n't it you 've been asked , you 've been given that task and it 's your responsibility to ensure that people are able to do at the end of the session something effectively .
15 You 've been given an invitation to the most magnificent show in the world .
16 You 've been given an invitation to fall in love .
17 Any daily spread , you 've been given here a two page per day dairy .
18 Okay , what I 'd like to do now is to go through the pads that you 've been given .
19 As long as I know that I 'm right er and say well I 'm quite willing to look at the figures that you 've been given , but these are the figures that are right but I will look at them erm and I , and I certainly would n't er confront it much more than that .
20 You 've been given the battery ?
21 And er you 've been given a document by the county and you 'll take your own view on that .
22 If you 're wearing , if you 're wearing headphones right you do n't stop everybody 's bound to work out and everyone lets you wear them , everyone 's bound to work out you 've been given permission to wear them .
23 He says , ‘ You 've been giving me the wrong club all week . ’
24 Try saying : ‘ I find it difficult to handle the put-downs you 've been giving me .
25 Hmm well you 've been giving a few answers yourself over the last few weeks .
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