Example sentences of "you 've been [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Whether you have to make urgent repairs to your car or pay for that holiday you 've been saving for , you can get money out of your account without giving us any notice at all — and you wo n't lost any interest .
2 Now what is the point of saving money if you 're in a job and you 're worried about being made redundant when , if you become redundant you are ineligible for housing benefit because you 've been saving money .
3 You 've been weeping .
4 ‘ Because you 've been pushed around so often . ’
5 So , this is the secret you 've been incubating , Roirbak , Jahsaxa thought , curled in her office late at night , turning a glass of rich , golden mezcal in her hands .
6 → It seems to me , Dave , that you 've been labouring under a bit of a misapprehension .
7 You 've protested to the nation and you 've been noted .
8 As soon as you get the good news you 've been hoping for , accept it .
9 Even if you 've been turned down elsewhere .
10 I also wonder how the system copes with changes to people 's incomes , er many people particularly in recession we heard that unemployment in Cambridge is now approaching ten percent and if you 've been turned down by the council , your council housing on your means test are you really going to go back to them at a time when you may be under a lot of stress with unemployment to have your circumstances reinvestigated , I very much doubt whether people do go back .
11 I fancy you 've been enjoying yourself just as much as I have . ’
12 it 's as if you 've been anaesthetized !
13 and then you were inveigled to the R and D and then you inveigled to become a Vice Chair , and today you 've been handling the ceremony so well , we 've had to keep you in cotton wool to make sure that er , that you kept your health .
14 ‘ There 's no cash left , you 've been caned .
15 I 'm sorry you 've been kept waiting so long .
16 You 've been snorin' in that chair all efternoon , John Williamson , ’ his wife said , lifting the old coat off his knees .
17 ‘ Wait here a minute , bo' , ’ I said ; ‘ I 'll tell you what : you 've been a-braggin' again , have n't you ? ’
18 It 's easier once you 've been done .
19 Actually it 's easier once you 've been done cos then you have an appreciation of what 's
20 What what have you got tell me what you 've been ironing Marjorie I want to know what what sort of things ?
21 You 've been encouraging it up to now , on a few occasions up to now .
22 I suppose you 've been whistling today
23 while you 've been swearing and that been going ever so , police 'll be round tomorrow
24 You 've been warned , ’ said Derek as he walked slowly away .
25 ‘ And now you 've been warned off , which confirms your suspicions . ’
26 Stealing other people 's work is n't funny , and the next person who tries it will be dealt with — you 've been warned !
27 I think you 'd better go next door , you 've been warned enough this afternoon .
28 Me having tied up the whole of this campaign while you 've been whooping it up in Valencia — ? ’
29 You forget everything you 've been taught in a flash .
30 Okay , er generally speaking the vocabulary that you 've been taught within the lecture series is the vocabulary you should use where possible .
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