Example sentences of "you have [be] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Yeah and she gets points for doing it do n't you , you 've been saving them up have n't you ?
2 I hear you 've been looking at Eggle guitars …
3 " I see you 've been getting him a new collar and lead . "
4 ‘ We hear you 've been selling Victor carthorses .
5 ‘ I hear you 've been talking to my Hilda and young Ralph . ’
6 ‘ I hear you 've been talking to our friends in Manila , ’ he says , chattily , as though the difference in our rank means nothing to him .
7 ‘ I see you 've been checking up on me . ’
8 ‘ I see you 've been checking your horoscope . ’
9 ‘ I see you 've been having more fun and games ! ’
10 Everything that happens to you has been chosen by your spirit so there must be a reason , even If you are unable to see it at the time .
11 what , it did n't need eighty schemes did it to be launched before you introduced it , it 's something you 'd been wanting to do was n't it ?
12 The following morning you washed the shirt you 'd been wearing , the pullover and the trousers .
13 He said you 'd been sticking your nose in where it was n't wanted , and had n't heeded warnings from your superiors about giving up finding an espionage connection with Mills ' murder . ’
14 Nodding his head , Aplin asked , ‘ Is that why you 'd been drinking , the night before you saw the robbery on Handley Plain ? ’
15 ‘ When I found out you 'd been sacked by Mallender Marine , I thought you might be able to supply the proof I need .
16 ‘ I understood that you 'd been sacked . ’
17 My friend called me and said you 'd been to see him and were asking about a Russian cross .
18 Did n't you fantasize about what might have occurred if only you 'd been holding your breath at the time and a gun as well ?
19 I hope you 're planning to bring that down when I got sunburnt you you thought that you 'd been cheated did n't you ?
20 ‘ Yes , she told me how you 'd been born early , weeks early , how you were very small , but not small enough for special care .
21 ‘ It would n't have happened if you 'd been steering , ’ she said miserably .
22 If you 'd been facing back there you 'd be swearing that was east .
23 I 'd thought you 'd been getting exercise in .
24 I mean I think er , when your blood pressure was found out and you 'd been taking tablets ever , so , I think it 's kept it all under control and you 've , you , we eat a sensible diet .
25 Some might say that you 'd been given a job and failed to do it .
26 So if you 'd been given a free choice , you would n't have given your sweets to your brother , would you ?
27 What else could you do if you 'd been given no further guidance ?
28 Would you have voted in favour of the sale of the house if you 'd been given the chance .
29 People you 'd been helping might offer you something .
30 Can you imagine getting dragged down to Lord 's only after you 'd been hung up by every sports page in the country ?
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