Example sentences of "that i give [prep] " in BNC.

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1 I repeat the undertaking that I gave to the hon. and learned Member for Fife , North-East ( Mr. Campbell ) a moment ago .
2 I refer my hon. Friend to the answer that I gave to my hon. Friend the Member for Gravesham ( Mr. Arnold ) some moments ago .
3 Again , I respect my hon. Friend 's strongly held personal views , but Parliament has expressed its views and I can not add anything to the answer that I gave to the two previous questions .
4 If he had done a little more research and had seen the evidence that I gave to the Treasury and Civil Service Select Committee in 1987 , he would have seen then — when we had a fiscal surplus of many billions — that I indicated that it would be right , in a downturn , to borrow money in a recession .
5 I refer to the answer that I gave to the hon. Member for Hemsworth ( Mr. Enright ) some moments ago .
6 That is the undertaking that I gave to the Select Committee .
7 The issue centres upon the response to an order made by Mr. Justice Garland in the early hours of 2 May and the consideration that I gave to that order at a meeting at 4 pm on the same day .
8 If I may hark back to the answer that I gave to the right hon. Member for Morley and Leeds , South ( Mr. Rees ) , one of the areas on which there has been a significant concentration by the Government and the security forces in recent years is the financial resources available to terrorists — I hasten to say on both sides of the community .
9 The Minister referred to the figures that I gave on regional assistance .
10 Erm , funnily enough earlier on in August , erm , I rang you up about Yugoslavia , and er , I , one of the reasons that I gave for not , the Europeans , not intervening in Yugoslavia was my fear that it might lead to the Russian military unseating Gorbachev and my , er , discard that the , the sick man of Russia , so erm , sort of parallel I , well I would n't parallel it with Yugoslavia , my argument in Yugoslavia was that we should n't intervene because we do not have primary interests with , I mean , well we clearly have general interest but we do n't have primary interest , additionally in Russia is that everybody , in the world have interest but I would definitely here say that Britain should clearly do nothing per .
11 In a lecture that I gave in Rome I tried to show that in spite of what Thomas Kuhn says ( which has been much exaggerated by his followers ) , you can not write the history of any branch of knowledge , whatever it may be , from a completely relativist point of view .
12 For the reasons that I gave in answer to my hon. Friend the Member for Bexleyheath ( Mr. Townsend ) , I believe that we are looking after the interests and future of the wood as thoroughly as any reasonable person could .
13 The answer on this subject that I gave in November made it perfectly clear that the decision is mine and nobody else 's .
14 I re-read the speech that I gave in this full council chamber on November the twentieth nineteen ninety one nothing has changed except possibly it has got worse .
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