Example sentences of "that you 've [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Now that you 've gone .
2 ‘ General belief is , ’ he said , ‘ that you 've gone mad .
3 So now that you 've gone
4 It has n't escaped my notice that you 've gone from five-star hotels to virtual slums .
5 Could I take er , a minute and , and just try and look at the steps that you 've gone through and I , I tried to write down as you were doing it , giving your presentation , the steps which I think everybody eventually went through either formally or informally and I think if we look at these steps you 'll agree yes , I needed that and I did that or , we did n't do it formally .
6 And then you have n't ruined wallpaper that you 've gone out and bought especially .
7 But if they set it off without , without noticing that you 've gone like .
8 And then suddenly I hear that you 've replaced the Minister of Interior , of National Defence , and other ministers , and that you replaced secretaries of the Central Committee .
9 But what we also said tha that 's quite encouraging , John , is that there is an ability to crosscheck the costing that you 've achieved with
10 Miriam : I 'm very happy that you 've pointed this out .
11 Erm , now what that means is , if you ca n't answer the question and you 've only got a few lines down then sort of trying t w blur it a little bit and make it waffly so that there 's something we can point to and say that you 've written something , right ?
12 Bring along questions to do with revision , bring along planned essays that you 've written if you want me to have a look at them .
13 Make sure it 's copied up make sure all the sheets that you 've written on are stuck into your book .
14 If you 've had a horrifying experience with some visitors that you 've invited , then let me know .
15 If we go back to that first , second slide , if you 're still alive in thirty years time , you may actually want the money that you 've gifted to people ten years ago , and erm that 's the problem you 've got .
16 that you still either gon na have to fill in anything else that you 've covered with them
17 Clearly you do n't want to know all the syllabus so you 're gon na miss parts out but you 're better off knowing more topics in case some of the questions are difficult on the ones that you 've covered or they 're not on there at all When is the exam ?
18 No that 's , that 's , that 's basically it and the other points that you 've covered of course .
19 Basically you 're looking to make sure that you 've covered any possibility if they die tomorrow where the money would come from for any of those outstanding obligations and then here you put the total what 's available , in this case it 's the seventy K plus ten K
20 Now that you 've decided on our new club name send it off to — .
21 Leeds are aggressive so you 're always quite glad that you 've beaten them but .
22 There had obviously been a couple of heated arguments , probably to do with the artistic … you know , you get bored with something that you 've done before and you 're working on a new project , and I think he thought that having to wear a suit as opposed to his choice of stage gear can be very nerve-racking .
23 Nearly always some compromise can be reached with the vendor , depending on whether it is a buyer 's or a seller 's market , but at least you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you 've been through everything with a fine tooth comb , that you 've done the best you possibly can and know what you are letting yourself in for !
24 I said my say : ‘ It 's not that I 'm angry with you , or that you 've done anything wrong .
25 We know you 've both been through the HMS Dolphin Submarine Escape Tower and that you 've done more than a fair bit of free diving .
26 No one 's disputing that you 've done well .
27 So you 've now actually taken all that nice typing that you 've done and rendered it totally illegible !
28 and then go back over stuff that you 've done earlier that you have n't been able to understand where you 've felt , Ooh I do n't know what 's going on here .
29 And the other thing about the I-s is if you make sure you put a dot on them on the top then if it looks a bit like if you people ca n't tell that you 've done an E or an I , if you 'd a dot on top it 's got to be an I .
30 Right so I think that you 've done twelve right just now showed me how to do it .
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