Example sentences of "that you have be " in BNC.

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1 Because when you raised the telephone … he showed great irritation and pretended not to hear you , so that it immediately made you think that you 'd been unwise to telephone at all .
2 Some might say that you 'd been given a job and failed to do it .
3 On the one hand , you wanted to play down the sleaze factor , not let it be thought that you 'd been involved with hundreds of men , that you slept with just anyone .
4 And you , you 'd got to tell them that you 'd been , where you 'd got , where you 'd been .
5 Another possibility , also in view of your youth , was that you 'd been seduced by the idea of flouting convention by involving yourself with a married man .
6 ‘ T is how I learned that you 'd been at the castle .
7 ‘ I understood that you 'd been sacked . ’
8 You 'd have known that , would n't you , that you 'd been a twin ? ’
9 I said so , and you fobbed me off with the excuse that you 'd been talking about Lilian 's twin .
10 Did you ever think of suing the firm for the stress problems that you 'd been caused .
11 I hope you 're planning to bring that down when I got sunburnt you you thought that you 'd been cheated did n't you ?
12 I could not in the court of law swear that you had been under my observations the whole time we were making the ascent . ’
13 We told him that you had been out all night and that you were catching up on some sleep .
14 He was about five-feet tall , but he had an enormous ability to make you feel that you had been given a real challenge and it seemed all-important to discharge it to his satisfaction and he was equally praising of your achievement .
15 I understand from Simon that you had been in touch regarding your proposal .
16 A single trivial occurrence does not entitle you to claim that you had been constructively dismissed .
17 They might also reveal that you have been in some distant shopping mall far from your usual stomping ground on a day on which you had sworn ( at least to the office ) that you had been laid up with flu .
18 But do you somehow wish that you had been reunited with Richard Burton ?
19 You tried to stay the man that you had been ,
20 The AS presumably indicates Andrew Stavanger , and the TMJ will be his secretary , or one of the typing staff And it reads sensibly enough — it is just the sort of letter that he might have been expected to write if he got back to his office late and were told that you had been trying to get in touch with him .
21 ‘ After your arrival I received another anonymous letter , informing me that you had been planted by my enemies .
22 So you had found that you had been told to find .
23 As Lord Devlin has explained : " … you can not escape liability for defamation by putting the libel behind a prefix such as " I have been told that … " " or " it is rumoured that … " " , and then asserting that it was true that you had been told or that it was in fact being rumoured …
24 This section is for permanent residents ; I brought you here first because if it had got out that you had been here and had n't seen this lot my life would n't have been worth living .
25 That you had been to bed with all those — ’
26 What 's more — ’ he turned to glare at Sophie ‘ — you did n't inform me that you had been called in .
27 Yes , it was silly of me to forget that you had been to Scotland often — one of those mental slips which I am increasingly prone to .
28 I 'm delighted that you 've been able to come along at such short notice .
29 Nearly always some compromise can be reached with the vendor , depending on whether it is a buyer 's or a seller 's market , but at least you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you 've been through everything with a fine tooth comb , that you 've done the best you possibly can and know what you are letting yourself in for !
30 By now you will be screaming that you 've been conned .
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