Example sentences of "that you have [verb] " in BNC.

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1 And it was pulling , the one that you 'd hooked on was pulling that one and the other one going out the back .
2 ‘ I invited you because your mother told me that you 'd realised there were more things in life than work — at long last , ’ Simon said pithily , ‘ and were in the market for some socialising . ’
3 Erm on , on yours in fact I could n't check sequence erm on the programme that you 'd given me because I did n't , I , I had know way of telling whether we did get a clash .
4 Working from my assumption that there was something between the two of you anyway , it seemed obvious that you 'd decided to take it much further . ’
5 ‘ He told me he 'd got in touch again the moment he 'd heard that you 'd decided to soft pedal a bit on work and so could be open to having a boyfriend . ’
6 I knew at once that you 'd recognised the title . ’
7 ‘ I was beginning to think that you 'd lost your voice , ’ he remarked .
8 Wendell 's voice was quiet and matter-of-fact as he said , ‘ I guessed some time ago that you 'd fallen for Harry . ’
9 How you knew that you 'd fallen hopelessly , profoundly in love with someone who was very far from feeling the same way ?
10 But erm most of the things that you will be de now the thing is about properties , that if you 've got a second property for example , or erm you know that 's not your primary residence , you would be liable to capital gain on a disposal , so if you 'd bought the house for ten thousand and you sold it five years later for twenty , then the gain er on that would be the twenty er the ten thousand that you 'd gained , less any indexation from nineteen eighty two , and they would then er er look at that as an allowance to use against it .
11 They came to tell me that you 'd gone under before they could help you .
12 In the end , they were just thankful that you 'd gone . ’
13 ‘ I came last night , but they told me that you 'd gone out to dinner with friends .
14 I tried phoning you this lunchtime to ask about the above proposal , but I do n't even know if I had the right number , though I got through to it twice ; about five different people spoke to me uncomprehendingly , and eventually a man came to the phone and said ‘ Bratislava ’ ; I did n't know whether that meant I 'd got a Bratislava number , or that you 'd gone to Bratislava .
15 Then your people telephoned a while back to say that you 'd gone to investigate , so I was more than half expecting you . "
16 Just , just let me mention that you , you told me that you 'd gone to Y S L ,
17 Did you feel that you 'd completed a phase ?
18 Did you feel that you 'd completed a phase ?
19 But would n't you feel a lot better if you knew that you 'd kicked him back — and that he knew it too ?
20 Without waiting , I asked her , ‘ You told me once that you 'd seen Sister Kenny treat a polio patient . ’
21 That projection of course took into account the fact that you 'd raised the base and therefore you had extra money to find .
22 ‘ You could have had a hundred casual affairs , and I 'd have adjusted to them somehow and tried to make you fall in love with me , but the thought that you 'd loved someone else and still loved him , because it seemed to have gone on over the years , periodically resumed …
23 and I said oh she , she said that you 'd phoned and you would n't be able to come and collect her .
24 cos you 're Year Nine now , and I would have thought somewhere along the line that you 'd met this .
25 No I think this is board meeting and as a board I think were interested to get your points of view what is n't taken place that you 'd liked to take place and what you 'd like to see in the future well and that 's why the meetings been convened .
26 But before Lucy could answer Doreen leaned forward and lied in a sweet voice , ‘ I told Miss Telford that you 'd said for her to get into the bus .
27 And you told me that you 'd destroyed the picture . ’
28 But I never felt that you 'd stopped loving me .
29 ‘ But , in the end , it was more useful to me to get her to think that you 'd done it … .
30 You could achieve an effect just as good as that of the real thing , and have the pleasure of knowing that you 'd done it all yourself !
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