Example sentences of "that i [verb] [adv] " in BNC.

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1 I realised that I fitted happily into that sort of setting .
2 It was only when I started to receive my magazine that I realised just how courageous the lifeboat crews are .
3 It was only towards the end of last year , when the book was going to press and space was tight , that I realised how important a contribution was made not only by my work , but also the work of all the women who had contributed to the Project both nationally and internationally .
4 It was only when I was in secondary school and took notice of the relationship of children of my age were with their parents and families , that I realised how other people behaved .
5 It was n't until I 'd bought one and used it that I realised how much it speeded up knitting .
6 However , it was not until she came round from behind the reception desk that I realised how huge she was .
7 I think it was then , with his powerful fingers digging like claws into my arm , that I realised how formidable the man was .
8 ‘ Do you know , Father , it was n't until Whitton was dead that I realised how he had held us in his evil thrall . ’
9 Rain said : ‘ My conscience dictates that I drive down the Cap and interview Peter Leary .
10 ‘ I was so annoyed that I blurted out : ‘ Good God !
11 Most reviewers were distracted by the ‘ satires ’ of the title , written earlier and in a very different mood , which Hardy came to regret as injuring ‘ the others that I cared most about ’ .
12 Maybe I would never be able to return to the present — not that I cared just then .
13 Not that I cared much for the way he kept them .
14 I had about five barges to look after and you could n't see everyone — not that I cared so very much , to tell the truth .
15 That I lived here for many years as a child , that — "
16 ‘ How — er — how did you know that I lived here ? ’ she muttered as he led her inside the lift , reaching across to push the correct floor button .
17 I had an old camping van that I lived in during tournaments , and he chose to go with me in it for a meal in Chinatown in Liverpool .
18 I 'm taking steps to make sure that I last as long as possible .
19 And I recall that I laughed aloud at that stage and I believe ( the agent ) joined me in that .
20 I felt so dizzy looking up that I fell over .
21 Did I tell you about that song that I heard just once .
22 I apologise for the fact that I heard only about 40 minutes of the Minister of Agriculture 's speech .
23 Perhaps the strange lack of concern in ‘ A ’ Squadron 's diary and reports , and the fact that I heard so little from the regiment subsequently , may reflect a suspicion ( or knowledge ) on their part .
24 That 's just some very interesting talk that I heard about , and one with erm , the porters and erm , .
25 His way of praising me was to say that I wrote as naturally as a hen laying eggs , or to remark , after he had destroyed a work with his criticisms , ‘ Everything I have not marked seems to me either good or excellent .
26 So you had to choose that er , you have to do that and the fifth thing that I wrote down here which I had to do , a sequence er , of work .
27 ‘ I hated you so much that I wrote back to him , telling him you had died of typhus fever at Lowood .
28 BECAUSE DUDLEY MOORE has starred in what can be collectively described as a ‘ crap ’ of movies since his twelve-year-old big Hollywood hits 10 and Arthur , his own personal jerky series of ‘ Carry On ’ movies — films that in my mind have no titles and are n't short enough — it seems only fair that I point out to Moore that he has made a ‘ crap ’ of movies since his twelve-yearold big Hollywood hits and I ca n't remember their titles .
29 ‘ The fame thing is n't something that I thrive on , and it is n't where creative energy stems from . ’
30 And that looked pretty funny like and it fell down a couple of days ago and maybe a pretty while afore that I du n no .
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