Example sentences of "that it 's for " in BNC.

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1 Their justification for doing it is that it 's for this thing , this painting or whatever , and I always wonder if it could n't be more without all that . ’
2 I do n't know that it 's for or against that he dotes on his wife .
3 ‘ I wo n't say that it 's for the school , Gowie , ’ he says , ‘ for I know that interests you not at all . ’
4 The fact that it 's for a different crime is n't important . ’
5 When you begin to feel guilty , remind yourself that it 's for the child 's sake .
6 And , come to that , can we any longer rely on the received doctrine that it 's for the Chief Constable to decide on the allocation of resources ? ’
7 That does n't immediately occur to me that it 's for blind people
8 Things like that it 's for letting that 's what words are for well numbers are for telling other people how much you how much do you Would you like a cup of coffee ?
9 It 's not really made it clear that it 's for bookings and reservations as well .
10 And I and not sure it 's Well I am sure that it 's for the worse .
11 He may not be able to see the political and general interest wood for the specialist trees , and there is a sense in which there are obviously dangers of that kind erm and the generalist has always taken the view that it 's for the specialist to be able to explain his problems in language which , after all , politicians who take the final decisions will have to be able to understand .
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