Example sentences of "that it was for " in BNC.

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1 It had been reported that Smith was to send a written offer to Celtic for Aitken , and although Smith would not specify the amount it became common knowledge that it was for around £300,000 .
2 He made it clear that it was for Sir Rufus to determine , and for you to comply .
3 It had taken a week to obtain , and had Hapsburg officialdom realized that it was for him rather than Aranyos it would have been unlikely to arrive before the end of the war .
4 Little did they know that it was for the pocket of Mr S. Caplan .
5 Moreover , MDC 's relatively modest housing programme for the initial area , its mixture of public and private provision and the fact that it has not displaced existing residents prevented housing becoming the political minefield for MDC that it was for LDDC .
6 It has been noted that it was for the same crimes that Klaus Barbie was sentenced by the courts in Lyon to life imprisonment .
7 Except that it was for adulterers , and murderers .
8 The reform of censorship ( 1865 ) was based on the principle that it was for the courts to decide when the press had broken the law , and pre-publication censorship was significantly reduced .
9 International law recognised that it was for each state to determine the conditions upon which it granted its nationality to ships , subject to there being a genuine link between the flag state and the vessel .
10 Not only would I have refrained from interfering with Thorpe J. 's decision on the footing that he had properly directed himself and that it was for him to decide , but because , even on the facts as they then were , I consider that his decision was plainly right .
11 Held , allowing the appeal , that where a driver was required to provide a specimen of blood or urine for one of the reasons set out in section 7(3) of the Act of 1988 , or claimed the right to provide such a specimen under section 8(2) , the constable was required by section 7(4) to inform him that the specimen was to be of blood or urine and that it was for the constable to decide which ; but that there was no requirement to invite the driver to express his preference for giving blood or urine ; that if the constable intended to require a specimen of blood , the driver was to be given the right to object on medical grounds to be determined by a medical practitioner or , if the requirement had been made under section 7(3) , for some other reason affording a ‘ reasonable excuse ’ within section 7(6) of the Act ; and that , accordingly , the requirement for the defendant to provide a specimen of blood had complied with section 7(4) ( post , pp. 885G–H , 890D–G , 891A–D , 895B–E , H — 896A ) .
12 The Attorney-General , while submitting that such use of Parliamentary material would breach article 9 , accepted that it was for the courts to determine the legal meaning and effect of article 9 .
13 The Home Secretary asked the Lord Chief Justice for his opinion and , said the Home Secretary , ‘ I can tell the House that he would be strongly opposed ’ to the proposal , on the ground that it was for Parliament , not the judges , to decide which types of murder should be met with death .
14 He too had been waiting , he thought , but he had not realized before that it was for Cora-Beth .
15 I decided to decide that it was for the best .
16 Perhaps just because she was Bob 's fiancée — but Tessa felt that it was for herself as well .
17 ‘ I thought you were going to tell me at least that it was for my own good .
18 But Caspar , belatedly gallant , said that it was for him to lead the way .
19 " Mr Herriot , " he said as the smoke rose around his ears , " do you ever feel when sammat happens that it was meant to happen and that it was for t'best ? "
20 All I can say is that it was for the best of reasons . ’
21 In Dare it was held that it was for the trier of fact to determine whether an assault was a sexual assault , having regard to all the circumstances involved .
22 ‘ I do n't think Simone would have mentioned it if she had n't felt that it was for your own good , ’ he murmured .
23 If he had , he would have heard me say that it was for the Attorney-General to enforce the law , not the Government .
24 When that matter was put to the Home Office and the Department of the Environment , we were told that it was for the local authority to sort out the matter with the local police force .
25 The steward is said to have issued the boys with a receipt , made out for £5 and indicating that it was for the journey from Stonehouse to Gloucester .
26 A UK Foreign Ministry spokesperson responded on the same day by saying that it was for Iran to make the first gesture and that the UK would " not accept Iranian intervention in [ its ] internal affairs " .
27 Baker said in the debate that it was for Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to chose the option of peace by withdrawing Iraqi forces .
28 The Palestinian group refrained from approving the US plan , saying that it was for the PLO to do so .
29 for a sheltered childhood ( not that it was for long ,
30 The hearing officer held that it was for the employee to establish that the employer 's possession of patent protection was an influential factor in persuading the customer to order wholly non-patented items while awaiting the redesign of the patented invention .
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