Example sentences of "that it be [pron] " in BNC.

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1 I I 've got to say that it 's somebody that 's got a personal project that has done it in one force ai n't it .
2 Do n't think that because it 's actually ringing that it 's somebody ringing , or whatever .
3 Now the poor are made to feel ashamed , that it 's their own fault , some shortcoming which they have .
4 ‘ I do n't think it is theatre , and I also think that potentially it 's extremely destructive to the individuals involved , though you can argue that it 's their choice .
5 They want the thing to be sorted out properly in Brussels and they want the French authorities to be told in no uncertain terms that it 's their job to control the activities of their farmers .
6 Not only that it 's they come and collect them take them away
7 That it 's we only need
8 Well , erm , what kinds of changes can be performed on me and still it would be the case that it 's me ?
9 But , just before I do , I hope you 'll remember that it 's me you 're talking to — the old school-friend who 's known you since the year dot .
10 But look at someone like Jeff Beck ; he plays a Strat through a fuzzbox into a Marshall 50 head , and you ca n't mistake the fact that it 's him .
11 Chelsea are due to announce their new manager tomorrow , and Hoddle still has n't denied reports that it 's him .
12 Yeah but the Open University ones cover all of the material and they 're what I actually wrote the lectures from erm but there 's six of them which is why the o the only advantage of the other one is that it 's one not six and so but I mean the material is all covered text of which there are three copies of most of them in the library one on short loan and one on sort of a general loan so you
13 At the weekend I received a letter and a petition from a young girl called Frances aged nine years old and it brought it home to me that it is n't an adult centred er erm issue , that it 's one for everybody who lives in Leicestershire .
14 . This reporter 's saying that it 's her mother 's , yo , you 'll see ! she married .
15 Cos every time they use it , she reminds them that it 's her telly and that she er could have sold it and got the money .
16 Roger White , senior tax partner at KPMG , says that it 's what he would do if he were Chancellor .
17 So how do you try a new song to make sure that it blends that it 's what you want to do that it 's different how do what where do you try if you do n't try on stage ?
18 Does that mean that you 've got it and that it 's what you wanted .
19 That it 's nothing but a coincidence ?
20 ‘ She 's told me that it 's nothing she regrets .
21 erm For example if erm two people are walking down the street and there 's a certain amount of jostling , then the victim , if he is a victim , may well consider that it 's not violent , or that it 's nothing out of the ordinary , or that it 's something which is acceptable , and then not take the matter any farther .
22 We tell ourselves that it 's something we should be starting on " one of these days ' .
23 Erm I mean some people say , quite wrongly , that it 's something that does n't take any part in the reaction but speeds it up , but how can it do that .
24 Copy it to Andrew and then Andrew knows when the I B I S invoice comes forward that it 's something to be
25 Most will have a dim idea that it 's something to do with conservation and looking after nature .
26 They 're offering a gift , you know … the fact that each one is a piece of work , so much has gone into it that it 's something very special , and I understand that it 's very nerve-wracking for them to offer it , to perform it …
27 Now I 'm not for a mom , I 'm not for a moment suggesting that it 's something that would be picked up on a regular basis , but I think it does mean , as you rightly say , that er , if , if , if such a procedure does arise then I 'm conscious that I 'm in a one off situation , I know there 's at least one of our colleagues on our benches who has this on , with children on a more regular basis .
28 There 's so much in what Chris has said is there not , that we , I 'm so pleased that your address is going to be published because I feel that it 's something we shall want to have and to take back to our organisations .
29 The Aldershot method was particularly important for me because I realised that it 's something we use every day or we see every day er and it emotionally prepares the audience the listener for what I 'm going to say .
30 I understand there are problems er but as a general principle it does seem to me that it 's something that needs to be looked at and the minister has said that a lot of these matters will be dealt with by a statement of practice and er he was asked by the honourable gentleman , the member for South Hams I think , er er er what the status of er these people were .
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