Example sentences of "that i know [adv] " in BNC.

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1 As noon approached John adopted a behaviour pattern that I knew well : stretching , scratching , complacently sighing .
2 For what is being suggested is that I knew today and not yesterday , despite the fact that there was no difference between the two days that I could tell at the time .
3 I was glad that I knew exactly where Nigel was .
4 When I tried it , it was so beautiful that I knew exactly why people keep doing it .
5 It became clear from talking to parents that I had to see how what they said actually hooked up with their experience , the fine detail of it , and not to assume that I knew exactly what kind of lived experience lay behind a familiar form of words .
6 I wanted to tell him calmly that I knew perfectly well that it was absurd and quite understood the point of his questions .
7 Or through people that I knew before .
8 It is an autumnal sign and one in which the ‘ balance ’ might be tipped one way or another , and in sexuality could hover between male and female , with one sexual scale dipping then the other rising obediently and almost passively , distantly , independently , in an alternation of identities and desires that I knew so well .
9 The nose and beard also seemed to imply , to produce , to secrete constantly a certain kind of mind which had nothing to do with the intelligence diffused throughout the books , books that I knew so intimately , and which were permeated by a gentle and God-like wisdom . ’
10 I 'd study too , so that I knew more about everything than the cleverest professors .
11 Irina had the idea that I knew certainly as much of the truth behind the events as anyone and possibly more .
12 And this means that if on the same grounds I claim today to know that it will rain in the afternoon , I must continue to assert that I knew yesterday that it would rain that afternoon ( in the teeth of the evidence ) .
13 The special educational needs support service ( SENSS ) that I know well now has a structured hierarchy to ensure that available staffing resources are distributed through the borough according to needs .
14 But the energy was still there , we know full well , that there 's other MPs there , I think it 's thirty seven we 've got and we , the only one that I know well is Gerald Kaufman .
15 In my own drama teaching I rarely use games with a class that I know well , but when I 'm working with a class that I 've not met before I often begin the session with a short concentration exercise and then a simple game .
16 N do n't know that I know just the whisky barrels they were , a little I believe there was maybe a name for them .
17 Do n't forget that I know exactly what you 're capable of ! ’
18 That I know already . ' ’
19 Although I am sure that these remarks will apply to all constituencies in the north of Ireland , I can judge only what is happening in the one that I know best , which is my own , where 3,344 houses have been deemed ’ unfit ’ , as the Minister confirmed to me in a written answer in 1988 .
20 ‘ But all that means is that I know damn well what not to do .
21 All that I know so far — at least , all that is worth telling here — is that there are a number of different glycoproteins of a variety of molecular weights , on both pre- and postsynaptic sides of the membrane , involved in the response to training on the bead .
22 He said in a letter to shareholders : ‘ I believe that I know better than anyone what makes Amstrad operate and what needs to be done in order to secure its future .
23 I 'm not saying , twenty-five years later , that big Dave 's metaphor was quite as incisive as Virginia Woolf 's , I 'm just saying that I know now why he was n't entirely wrong .
24 ‘ You introduced me to Paris and it will be my turn to introduce you to England — not that I know very much about London .
25 ‘ I see that I know very little .
26 ‘ I now feel , after a year and a half on BP 's board , that I know enough about the company and the way it works to be able to make judgements about its style of management .
27 ‘ I 'm sorry , I do n't think I — I do n't think that I know enough about some of the issues , to go along with it completely . ’
28 But I would much rather find Mason puzzling than feel , as I do only too often , that I know all too well what so many of his more consistently praised contemporaries are on about , in music that routinely tells me nothing I did n't know already , or would indeed prefer never to hear again .
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