Example sentences of "that have been give " in BNC.

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1 These lethal little amphibians belong to a family that has been given the name of poison-arrow frogs .
2 On the other hand , we realise that professional clinicians coming to the book might remain unconvinced about some of our chosen examples , as indeed might those readers who only feel comfortable with terms like ‘ schizophrenia ’ when they are used in a sense that has been given medical approval .
3 One of the reasons for this state of affairs is the publicity that has been given to the hills by him and numerous other writers of magazine articles and books over the past 20 or 30 years .
4 The reason that has been given for saying that Halley 's attempt was serious , rather than merely placatory , is that he confessed in public that his efforts had not , after all , produced decisive results .
5 He may have some that he did not use last year , or he may have become interested in a topic in the syllabus that has been given a new twist by some research ( perhaps his own ) .
6 Erm we do n't know the details of the consideration that has been given by the authorities , what we are concerned with is what they are now proposing .
7 We thank you for those in Exeter who have granted permission for the work that has been done on this church building , and for the help that has been given towards the planning of the new building .
8 And the la I think the last paragraph which is er refers to some advice that has been given to you .
9 Is the Minister aware of the broad welcome that has been given to the development of such a service in various parts of the country ?
10 We have already seen much of that in the lead that has been given by the Community , which has taken special steps to limit the damage and the fighting to enable the parties to come together .
11 That is essentially because of the change in labour relations and the encouragement that has been given for employers and the work force to work together .
12 On the hon. Gentleman 's first point , if he implies any strictures at all , he should be aware of the amount of help that has been given to the police force since 1979 .
13 That is not the advice that has been given to me .
14 I am also disappointed at the amount that has been given to Scottish Homes for housing .
15 In view of all the information and advice that has been given during the course of this planning discussion , I 'm firmly of the opinion that sectors three , four and five do not fully comply with the requirement of P P G three .
16 One approach that has been given a lot of importance is distinctive feature analysis , which is based on the principle that phonemes should be regarded not as independent and indivisible units , but instead as combinations of different features .
17 The third factor that has been given was the effect of the current recession which although these although a of communication is mentioned also provides a steady source of income to the National Federation .
18 The elastic narrative that results is one that has been given , I suppose one might say , a narrative that 's given complex emotional shaping , rather than straight chronological form .
19 But mice sired by fathers that had been given morphine learn more slowly .
20 For subjects in an ‘ acquired distinctiveness ’ group , the two stimuli had been given different labels in pre-training ; for those in the ‘ acquired equivalence ’ group the two stimuli used were those that had been given the same label .
21 The group based its objection on the assurance that had been given to parliament that the hearing would not be held until the inspectorate was satisfied with the PWR 's safety .
22 The dhāmi picked up his long tuft of hair bound with silver rings that had been given to the god he embodied , and carefully wound it round his head again and covered it with his turban .
23 Perhaps he was awaiting the chance of revenge for the crack on the head that had been given him …
24 This was made very clear to me early in my fieldwork when I offended a neighbour by trying to make explicit return of food that had been given to my wife and me .
25 As appears from the chronology which I have already recited the purpose of the December charge being executed in favour of the mortgagees was simply to replace the defective charge that had been given in September .
26 Yes , and you get all the animals who are experimented on and you sa there 's not a week that comes out and you do n't an a report saying , oh well this this , this causes cancer in rats or and you , imagine the amount , the huge amounts of the sub , whatever substance it is that had been given to rats to cause the cancer , and there 's no knowing that the amount that 's gon na be given to rats causing cancer , will give cancer to humans !
27 As a way of thanks , we handed Thomas a wee bit of Scotland that had been given to us by Frank Brown , a teacher at Musselburgh Grammar School .
28 From his jacket pocket Robert took out a grubby sheet of paper — the translation of the mysterious manuscript that had been given to him in the pub nearly a year ago today .
29 By the time you spoke to Superintendent had you learned anything about the address that had been given to you ?
30 Well I gave him all the information that had been given to me and we discussed between us various options that were open to us .
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