Example sentences of "that [pron] give [prep] " in BNC.

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1 I repeat the undertaking that I gave to the hon. and learned Member for Fife , North-East ( Mr. Campbell ) a moment ago .
2 I refer my hon. Friend to the answer that I gave to my hon. Friend the Member for Gravesham ( Mr. Arnold ) some moments ago .
3 Again , I respect my hon. Friend 's strongly held personal views , but Parliament has expressed its views and I can not add anything to the answer that I gave to the two previous questions .
4 If he had done a little more research and had seen the evidence that I gave to the Treasury and Civil Service Select Committee in 1987 , he would have seen then — when we had a fiscal surplus of many billions — that I indicated that it would be right , in a downturn , to borrow money in a recession .
5 I refer to the answer that I gave to the hon. Member for Hemsworth ( Mr. Enright ) some moments ago .
6 That is the undertaking that I gave to the Select Committee .
7 The issue centres upon the response to an order made by Mr. Justice Garland in the early hours of 2 May and the consideration that I gave to that order at a meeting at 4 pm on the same day .
8 If I may hark back to the answer that I gave to the right hon. Member for Morley and Leeds , South ( Mr. Rees ) , one of the areas on which there has been a significant concentration by the Government and the security forces in recent years is the financial resources available to terrorists — I hasten to say on both sides of the community .
9 The Minister referred to the figures that I gave on regional assistance .
10 Erm , funnily enough earlier on in August , erm , I rang you up about Yugoslavia , and er , I , one of the reasons that I gave for not , the Europeans , not intervening in Yugoslavia was my fear that it might lead to the Russian military unseating Gorbachev and my , er , discard that the , the sick man of Russia , so erm , sort of parallel I , well I would n't parallel it with Yugoslavia , my argument in Yugoslavia was that we should n't intervene because we do not have primary interests with , I mean , well we clearly have general interest but we do n't have primary interest , additionally in Russia is that everybody , in the world have interest but I would definitely here say that Britain should clearly do nothing per .
11 In a lecture that I gave in Rome I tried to show that in spite of what Thomas Kuhn says ( which has been much exaggerated by his followers ) , you can not write the history of any branch of knowledge , whatever it may be , from a completely relativist point of view .
12 For the reasons that I gave in answer to my hon. Friend the Member for Bexleyheath ( Mr. Townsend ) , I believe that we are looking after the interests and future of the wood as thoroughly as any reasonable person could .
13 The answer on this subject that I gave in November made it perfectly clear that the decision is mine and nobody else 's .
14 I re-read the speech that I gave in this full council chamber on November the twentieth nineteen ninety one nothing has changed except possibly it has got worse .
15 Lord , as we look around we see a a tremendous harvest and we just pray that we might be honourable and faithful in the task that you give to us .
16 Bill , there 's a point , you keep referring to Governors who are political appointees , and the inference that you give to that .
17 Now erm all the gifts that you give at Confirmation the whole idea of Confirmation in well one of the main ideas of Confirmation is taking on board for yourself what your parents promised for you in baptism .
18 I am told there are two sisters who dwell under one roof , and can not speak to one another , for the one is a Free Churcher and the other is a Baptist ; and that one gave to the other cause of great offence , having put cream in the tea of the other when such kind office was not desired .
19 If the dieter feels she needs extra guidance or added structure to meal planning , she can always refer back to the suggested meals for good nutrition that we gave at the end of Chapter 4 .
20 I was quite surprised that there was some sort of strength of feeling , that the balance between providing security , and the impression that we gave to visitors , although it was acknowledged we did n't have a lot of visitors coming in , there was a feeling
21 We are following the commitment that we gave in 1973 to ever closer union , so why are we now beginning to get cold feet ?
22 We are now trying to affirm citizenship through the vote and therefore the nature in which we distribute these seats and the affirmation that we give through the vote will not relate in fact to any of the sentiments I believe as pronounced by the opposition front bench .
23 Warm acceptance , and a compassionate and kindly approach , should be the marks of all that we give to others — and to our own children too .
24 Almost any answer that we give to this question can , if we so wish , be formally accommodated within the language of jurisdiction .
25 We hope that their experience of both SCOTVEC and centres will strengthen the systems verifier team and increase the support that we give to centres .
26 Also vital is the support that we give to exports and trade abroad when British companies are involved .
27 It is a status that we give to very few public servants , but we are giving teachers a special status because we realise that their professionalism and commitment are essential to a good teaching service .
28 increase in the money that we give to that office ?
29 We offer a decent finance system that can sustain the functions that we give to local government , and a structure that is not piecemeal , but is based on identifiable communities — that is geared not to numbers alone , but to the ability to provide a decent level of service .
30 That reflects two things — first , the shortened nature of this parliamentary Session , giving rise to the need to proceed with our Bills in an orderly way through Committee if we are to dispose of as many of them as possible ; and , secondly , the importance that we attach to this Bill , which is symbolic of the high priority that we give to the reform of further education , as well as higher education .
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