Example sentences of "that [verb] [adv] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 It seemed to me that there were two types of variations that I wished to explore , and there were a number of different methods that I would have to employ to resolve some of the problems that arose once I started to ask questions about these variations .
2 It would be yet another committee , a group of sor whatever they are , that eat up our money , and no use or purpose in my opinion .
3 As the Goods sit in Kelly 's bedroom surrounded by the bits and pieces that made up her world , Mike picks up her diary .
4 His eyes roved her features , as if he was recalling every item of the lines and planes that made up her face .
5 In the quiet of the dawn , the young platoon commanders and their sergeants walked around the four vehicLes that made up their command , to check their soldiers and their equipment .
6 Through its low branches I had a latticed view of the buildings that made up my home .
7 Of the 16 funds that made up our Global Strategy umbrella fund when it was launched five years ago , no less than four have come first in their respective sectors over this period , according to Finstat .
8 He put little slips of paper in the entries that made up his fragile narrative or non-narrative .
9 Much has been written about Griffith and his contribution to the movies but the ingredients that made up his genius have never been better identified than in the review Heywood Broun wrote of Intolerance when it appeared in 1916 .
10 Even the particles that made up his body would not survive .
11 She did a series of sketches , trying to capture all his moods , thinking that , though they were n't very professional , they were to her , because she could see in every one of them all those complicated , aggravating , irresistible facets that made up his personality .
12 The little creatures have an endless appetite , and a digestive system that turns almost anything into perfect compost .
13 There was a huge anger welling in Maxim that choked off anything he might have said , a yearning to reach that mugger and snap his arms , which he could do so easily , then kick the helpless manhood out of him …
14 They 're talking about up the Dales if you , if you , if you think of the marvellous place that goes around he 's got
15 For instance , if we want a trajectory that goes then we start in region 1 ; to get to region 3 we must be in the right-hand " third " of region 1 ; if we are going to go on from region 3 to region 4 , we must be in the right-hand " third " of that " third " ; and , to go on to region 2 , in the left " third " of that " third " , etc .
16 It is the er sort of er five hundred pounds that goes out your bank account on direct debits , it 's all the other incidentals during the year , and even er you know gifts for children , pets in the case of some people , if you 've got er large dogs or whatever , then you know there 's vet 's bills , food , etcetera , that you know , is probably incidental at the moment , but not when you retire .
17 It 's not the only thing that goes hard you know !
18 When individuals , through socialisation , accept the rules and expectations of their society that make up its culture and use them to determine how they should act , we say they have internalised society 's cultural rules .
19 ‘ The normal sorts of things that make up one 's life .
20 In Scotland they become territorial on an area of estuary mud from which they filter the small invertebrates that make up their diet .
21 They do not claim that occupation is the same thing as social class , but rather that it is the best single indicator of all those aspects of a person that make up their social class position .
22 Walk along a river , sit by the sea , stroll through the woods and start to analyse the components and blockages that make up your present existence .
23 However , there is a sense in which the particles that make up your body will carry on into another universe .
24 Most of the components that make up your computer are delicate and do n't take too kindly to being taken apart .
25 You will be semi-detached from the world around you for a wee while Wednesday and all the people and places that make up your life will take on a shadowy irrelevance until you come to terms with your own innermost thoughts and feelings .
26 Another feature of dolphin skin which could offset turbulence and accelerate movement is a system of dermal ridges ( similar to those that make up our fingerprints ) which are found beneath the skin on the back and flanks of most cetaceans , and seem to correspond to the patterns of water flow .
27 A great deal of the heavier particles that make up our bodies and the Earth itself are blasted out from incredible nuclear reactions taking place in dying stars ( dying stars , in fact , both explode and implode ) .
28 However , insofar as the theories that make up our scientific knowledge are fallible and incomplete , the guidance that theories offer as to what observations are relevant to some phenomenon under investigation may be misleading , and may result in some important factors being overlooked .
29 It should be self-evident , therefore , that where individual behaviour can be so extensively influenced by conformity to the standards of the social groups that make up our community and its social strata , then there will be major implications for the marketer .
30 This is a great achievement on the part of all the company 's work force , and of not only those who work in Barrow but those employed in the other elements that make up our Trident system .
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